Tech Mogul Bastiano Farran Ferrari is making big moves in Hollywood!

It seems Bastiano is no stranger to the film industry, with his proven success as a producer and actor in major films such as Bad Boys for Life (starring Will Smith and Martin Laurence) and now his newest production of an action/fantasy movie franchise. With such illustrious track record in the Tech and Entertainment fields, it is with no Surprise that Bastiano is being approached by some of the most respected and biggest names in the Hollywood film Industry. He is definitely pathing an exciting and inspiring journey in film.

Bastiano has partnered with the creator of the best-selling book series Magic Wars Saga,to bring the beloved characters and story of the trilogy to life and action on screen!

On finding the series and securing 50% of the rights, Bastiano said “When I first heard about Magic Wars and met the creator Chrys Phillips,  I knew I could make this story come alive on screen and I’m very excited to be creating this entire world and experience.” Bastiano is known to be a fun person and in the words of people who have worked with him ”an absolute joy to work with”. The fantasy genre will be a perfect fit for him.

It’s with no doubt that whatever Bastiano decides to take on, he outstandingly succeeds. He has many charitable foundations he supports, and he built for children with cancer, and women empowerment in Africa.

Bastiano, also founded a company we all use weekly or even daily, to an amazing 4.8 billion-dollar success story and has been successfully built in excess of 20 billion-dollars worth of products for global tech companies. His tech skills and talents to succeed have Hollywood noticing both his expertise in front of the camera and behind. When asked if he would act in the Magic Wars series he humorously replied “what actor wouldn’t want the opportunity to play an immortal character and have fun with a magical power on screen”

Making movies and being a tech mogul seems to be Bastiano true calling however, he also does much philanthropic projects one being leading a women’s empowerment in partnership with ExxonMobil in Chad Africa . For six months, Bastiano lived in the in the third most underdeveloped country in the world, with little to no access to internet, food, and under the most extreme living conditions, to build a program that empowers the women of Chad to become entrepreneurs in areas relevant to their existing economy and ecosystem. He trained over twenty-five groups reaching 714 Chadian women and actively advocated for the equality in rights. Bastiano’s resilience and determination made him a sought-after individual in Hollywood to take on large production projects. We will certainly be on the lookout for all his great work, and closely cover his future journey. The world and certainly Hollywood needs leaders like Bastiano.

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