Teamwork Makes The Dream Work With Popl In Command

When Popl launched in 2019, the driving force behind their dynamic technology was to bring individuals closer together, one tap at a time. Our increasingly isolated world needs a double dose of humanity, a vessel to connect people with the places and faces that matter most to them. Today, after securing countless partnerships and elevating the global standard of communication second to none, that vision remains true, but with added attention poured into group territory. A fully-fleshed operation is only as good as its co-pilots, and Popl is redefining our approach to networking like never before with their innovative, digital, business card platform for businesses and teams seeking elevated efficiency.

Jason Alvarez-Cohen and Nick Eischens, co-founders of Popl, met during college. They shared a passion for people and a craving for creativity in the business world, but they noticed  a disparity between building a network and accessible tools. Popl’s line of digital business card products unites people effortlessly, turning strangers into familiar faces in seconds. More importantly, however, Popl stands as the solution to missed connections in the work space, replacing paper business cards with an effective tool for making and keeping connections so all team members are on the same page, literally.

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Popl’s Team platform targets professional quarters where many different hands play a part in the project, whether that’s a corporate powerhouse with 1000+ employees, or a startup squad of 5 individuals. Popl Teams is the premiere platform for digital business card management, elevating you and your crew to a higher standard. The application allows for easy the addition and removal of members, a uniform presentation for digital business cards, and a space for generating team-wide leads. All of your most important assets are accessible on the platform, fostering a collaborative environment that rivals traditional work settings. For the leadership teams, Popl Teams offers performance data that allows you to monitor progress and proficiency where necessary. This all-in-one program is redefining the anatomy of networking beyond anything we’ve seen before, coming around just in time as we adapt to a world that’s increasingly remote. Popl Teams doesn’t replace conventional models, but enhances the qualities that make networking so impactful.

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Popl has quickly become the standard in professional sectors, supplying an impressive suite of products and services that centralize communication and networking for personal and professional means. Their flagship product, the Popl Phone Tag, launched a frontier of contactless engagement that found its way into mega retailers like Walmart and Staples, entering a family-forward market that appealed to the masses. Additionally, Popl introduced the Popl Badge, an easy co-pilot for conventions, festivals, and conferences. The badge is equipped with Popl’s signature NFC technology along with a unique QR code that never expires and can be updated in the app at any time. This useful tool is ideal for trade shows or business conventions where you and your team need to make a lasting impression and generate new leads. With all of their breezy technology, the most important quality for Popl has always remained the same: build community for everyone, everywhere.

Accessibility has always been at the helm of Popl’s values, seeking to make such dynamic innovation available to people of all backgrounds. With Popl Teams, for instance, businesses can enhance communication tunnels by installing a baseline platform that streamlines all channels, making group networking and lead capture efforts more effective and uniform. Many corporations have adopted the Popl way of networking, including Compass, Taco Bell, and entertainment powerhouse, Insomniac Events. Going digital for you and your team invites a new level of prolific diligence to keep your goals in check and your crew shaped for success. At times, the Teams platform emanates the same clean, sophisticated energy as an Apple retail space, where productivity is whisked with gentle confidence in every maneuver. The application even offers a swath of captivating backdrops for Zoom meetings, all of which are highly customizable and tailored to your workflow. The application comes with a carousel of curated options, but allows the user to select custom hex colors and backgrounds to fit the vibe.

Whether or not you work remotely, Popl’s Teams application oversteps simple utility and launches any group effort into a celestial playing field. The personalities behind the program are what make Popl Teams so special, because the digital space actually encourages human engagement through optimal performance. With Popl Teams in the driver’s seat, work settings can adopt a more effective approach to networking, upgrading their strategies to a 24-carat mothership that truly lives up to its potential. Together we’re better, and Popl continues to roll out exciting new developments that round out their line of community-driven devices.

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