Team Mohamed’s Is Taking Guyana Worldwide With Their Professional Race Team

Besides being the only English-speaking country in South America, Guyana is famous for its involvement in sports car racing. They have had many top car racing teams throughout the years, including Team Mohamed’s, who is raising Guyana’s flag high and redefining the racing industry.

A few years since its launch, Team Mohamed’s has cemented its place in the Guyana motorcar racing industry and is taking Guyana to the world. They are currently one of the top professional racing teams in the Caribbean with 3 GTRs, ranging in horsepower from 2,000hp to 2,500hp.

Their skills and excellent racing cars are helping them stand out by winning various racing tournaments. According to Azruddin Mohamed, the founder and CEO of Team Mohamed’s, their goal is to change the sporting industry throughout Guyana and the Caribbean as they use their platform to help other car racers and make sports car racing more accessible.

Team Mohamed’s assists in the development of the infrastructure in the country, making it safer and easier for sports car racers to pursue their passion as they support others in the industry. Azruddin and his team have thus far helped transform the South Dakota Circuit racetrack in Guyana, where they constructed pavilions and washroom facilities and brought in more modern equipment to support car racers.

Azruddin says that they aim to help change many more race tracks in the area in the coming months as they bring in a more competitive and versatile approach to sports car racing. In his words, “I want to recreate the thrill and excitement that comes with motorcar racing while encouraging others in the field not to give up on their passion.”

Having been in the sports car racing space for years, Azruddin is leveraging his experience and extensive network to bring change to the industry and help Team Mohamed’s reach the top. He has brought in some of the top drivers from the US, Canada, and England, who are assisting him to reach his goal as they inspire young racing enthusiasts.

Team Mohamed’s is also helping young players in other fields. They support and sponsor other sports teams, including basketball and football, where they are part of community tournaments. Azruddin explains that one of the main reasons they are venturing into other sporting activities is to show young people that every sport is important and that it is okay to be good in more than one field. They also encourage players not to give up on their dreams as they share some lessons they have learned along the way.

As Team Mohamed’s continues to dominate the tracks with their impressive records, they are transforming the racing industry in Guyana and flying their country’s flag high. Their team has truly stood out as a winner with some excellent vehicles like the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, three undefeated GTRs, professional race bikes, and a 4000hp Pro Mod  which they have also recently added to their racing fleet.

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