Tattoo Master, Daniel Silva, Breaks Boundaries in the Tattoo Industry

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Tattoos are not just a permanent fashion accessory on the body but also a personal mark that says a lot about the person who flaunts it. Tattoos have become a way for people to express themselves to the world they live in. No wonder tattoos are gaining popularity each passing year, and even celebrities are getting inked to express a piece of their soul on their skin. Daniel Silva, a famous tattoo artist, or as he is popularly known, Tattoo Master, has emerged at the forefront of this industry through his mesmerizing creativity with tattoo ink. His craft has earned him millions of followers on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, making him an influencer who people reach out to for all their queries related to getting inked.

Daniel started his career 7 years ago out of his passion for tattoos. He was on a TV show called “Ink Master”in its tenth season, and since then, Daniel has started getting recognized for his talent. Now he displays his talent on social media through YouTube and Instagram, where he inks celebrities live on his shows while talking to them about their lives and careers. Some of the top names from the music and sports industries have been inked by tattoo master Daniel Silva, including Trippie Redd, Russ, Nyjah Huston, Shane O’Neill, and many more.

From creating vintage artworks to portraits of loved ones, abstract designs, and even incredible messages, Daniel stands out in all these tattoo forms. He is one of the few in the industry who can ace the tattoo time lapse. He even live streams time-lapse tattoos on his social media accounts. Several videos of music or sports icons getting inked by Daniel are on his YouTube channel for the public to see and get inspired.

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Besides creating artistic masterpieces with tattoo ink, Daniel motivates people to get inked. He knows that people who are getting inked for the first time or even thinking about it will have many questions about the process. To help them understand tattoos as a form of art, Daniel reaches out to them personally on social media. Anyone with any query on tattooing can direct message Daniel on his official Instagram account, and the tattoo master will reply to them personally within a few days.

Daniel wants to contribute to the rising popularity of tattoos as a form of art and permanent fashion accessory by sharing his knowledge with the world. He also wants to encourage more fresh talents who can carry forward his legacy as a tattoo master to enter the industry. To achieve this feat, Daniel has recently started his own tattoo academy named Tattoo University. It is an online tutorial master class on tattooing where Daniel himself educates aspiring artists on this craft. Leveraging his years of knowledge and experience in this industry, Daniel has scaled this platform as the world’s first online master class and community for tattoo artists to learn, be inspired, and stay motivated.

Besides being a tattoo master on social media and mentoring budding tattoo artists, Daniel is working on launching his own clothing brand. Named BuiltFromStone, the brand is likely to drop soon with a host of unique collections. However, Daniel will continue his YouTube series of videos where he inks people live and will make every effort to boost this industry by introducing a bunch of fresh, talented tattoo artists.

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