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At just 19 Tarun Bhati has already been a trailblazer. He has been getting a lot of buzz from the media and his peers for the three businesses he pioneered Oleada, Prior Public, and WinRobux.

His entrepreneurial endeavors started at the age of 15 when he decided to build a Minecraft server. The motive behind this move was to create some self-sufficiency so he would have to depend less on his parents for pocket money. It worked because the company soon enough was profitable putting him firmly in the green.

Oleada Capital

With the profits, he created Oleada capital, a venture capital company that allowed his clients to invest in different companies in New Delhi and enjoy a generous return on investment. The investment solutions he offered service businesses and online stores helped them quickly scale despite the global pandemic.

Tarun Bhati has already made Oleada Capital a very profitable venture. Seeing more opportunities in the market he decided to form two more companies, WinRobux and Prior Public.

Prior Public

Prior Public is an advertising agency that helps brands build awareness and find new customers. The agency specializes in helping brands craft the right message for their audience. These help brands more effectively sell their products and services to scale quickly.


WinRobux is another one of Tarun Bhati’s innovations. WinRobux helps companies and other groups advertise their various apps by tapping into the large Roblox player base. It also allows advertisers to conduct market surveys.

Tarun realized that the highly coveted demographic of 18-34 makes up the largest segment of gamers. He leveraged the popularity of Roblox by cognizing it as one of the most popular games on the planet with a large player base to engage. The game has over 150 million players worldwide, most of them in the Generation Z demographic.

How WinRobux works

Roblox has an in-game economy, with its own currency and marketplace. The virtual characters or avatars can be dressed up by the players. To have your character stand out, players have to use the in-game currency, to purchase the clothes and other items for their avatars.

One way to get the in-game currency is to purchase it with real-world money. Tarun realized that he could leverage this situation and offer the players the opportunity to win Robux, the in-game currency in exchange for being influencers. When they promote an app for the company to participate in a market survey, they are rewarded with some Robux.

The future of WinRobux

This business illustrates just how dynamic and future-oriented Tarun and his ideas are. The company has quickly flourished. There are plans to grow the business even more by engaging with YouTubers and other social media personalities.

This will allow for even greater reach when you consider there over 2 billion people engaged on different social media platforms. Most of these people are also in the younger demographic which is traditionally harder for brands to reach.

Many different entrepreneurs have made inroads in the influencer space on social media, but Taren Bhati is one of the first to bring this concept to the online gaming world in a meaningful way.

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