Tarry Summers, Who Went from Residing in an Unfinished Basement to Becoming a Real Estate Guru, Attributes His Growth to His Mindset

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Our perspectives and life choices are founded on the underlying assumptions and beliefs that shape our thinking. Whether they are deliberate or not, our convictions can either drive us toward growth or hold us back. As a result, if you adopt a confident and successful frame of mind, you’ll be more likely to create habits that set you up for success and help you maintain your achievements over time.

Those who adopt a “growth mindset” are more likely to achieve their goals. A growth mindset inspires one to push themselves further and achieve tremendous success. A growth mindset is what propelled entrepreneurs like Tarry Summers to success and financial freedom.

Tarry Summers, an Ohio real estate developer, defines financial independence as the ability to make choices in life based on time, not money. He rejects the idea that a comfortable financial situation automatically entitles one to complete independence. “When I first started, I thought I’d be here for the rest of my life. I was making decent money, but I was determined not to return to working the front desk at Bally’s Total Fitness, so I kept going,” says Tarry. He realized that he could no longer handle the hectic schedule of working long hours. He yearned for a system where time, rather than money, determined his options.

A three-day trip to Florida changed Tarry’s life, he says. Those three days were the first times he felt truly free in his life, and he spent them watching the sunrise and sunset. It was heaven, and he kept wondering, “How can I make this a regular occurrence?” Most of Tarry’s early real estate industry role models were wealthy individuals with sizable property portfolios. He observed the way they interacted with one another and their families, as well as the independence they enjoyed, and he came to the conclusion that they were living a dream that was within reach of a select few.

Tarry Summers has built himself a comfortable life in which he can pursue any interests without feeling stifled by responsibilities that might not align with those pursuits. Tarry hopes to demonstrate, through his ordeals, that it is possible to live a life free of constraints so long as one has the will and determination to push through obstacles.

Tarry advises aspiring businesspeople to find and compensate mentors and not be afraid to make sacrifices. He recommends that mentees find someone who is both successful and actively engaged in the field they hope to enter. Tarry says people today are luckier than ever because they have free access to the University of YouTube. Anyone, at any time, can learn to do anything they want with the help of YouTube without spending a fortune.

Tarry’s ultimate goal is to take his business to a national and international level through the Internet. From here on out, with his newfound independence, Tarry can pursue his passions in fields as diverse as cryptocurrency, build out his online persona as a resource for the real estate industry, and open offices in new areas. Moreover, he intends to enlarge Pro’s gym, which has been ranked as one of the best in the country. Tarry Summers is on Instagram as @tarrysumms, be sure to follow him and stay inspired.

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