Talking one step at a time towards success Sezgin Mangjuka

Sezgin Mangjuka LA Weekly

Success is something everyone desires, but only a hand full strive hard and achieve it. Sezgin Mangjuka is one such successful person who made it to the top of the chart. He hails from Kosovo, a small state in Europe. He faced a lot of failures, particularly in his schooling, but never flinched nor lost the spark of being successful. His perseverance and the will to win made him upskill himself. He chose a specific niche to explore which lead to his success. He now is the CEO of a digital media firm named Pixatronix which currently supports and provides digital marketing services. Alongside being a successful CEO, he is also a successful influencer with a huge fan following on social media, where he engages and influences them with creative content.

Success at this young age of 24 is pretty challenging, but Sezgin Mangjuka made it happen. He trained himself in various digital media tools, techniques and much more to shine in the industry. Pixatronix has hundreds of happy customers and is still counting. He has worked alongside celebrities and politicians and satisfied their digital needs with great perfection and responsibility.

Sezgin Mangjuka followed a strict and step-by-step approach to build his tech empire and an influential career. He read, upgraded himself with crucial knowledge, practised extensively to expertise himself in what he does. He took a long journey of self-education which had paid off pretty well. He now is one of the most influential digital entrepreneur inspiring thousands of youth and aspiring people. He learned everything he could about SEO, ads on different platforms, intuitive content, and much more related to digital marketing that he implemented successfully for better results. He strategizes everything and develops a working plan before jumping right into doing things.

Influencers have a lot to do to make people become inspired. With a huge fan following Sezgin Mangjuka takes steps and makes sure he provides quality content for his followers. With this, he also has a mentorship program offering people crucial entrepreneurship lessons. His mentorship can change people’s life by powering their skills. He wants people to become self-sufficient and has given some neat tricks that have worked for him pretty well. He advises on following a passion and asks people to explore a lot before they get right into it. He speaks about prioritizing the work and use scheduling for effective function and be productive throughout the day. His competence to utilize strategies and technical knowledge in the right way makes a tremendous difference.

Life is a series of events attached with memories. The memories can be good or bad and it’s on us, on how we handle the bad ones and the good ones. Sezgin Mangjuka took his failures and made them stepping stones for his growth. This attitude of his brought him success. He plans to do much more in the future and is currently planning to mentor people to guide them in becoming an entrepreneur, hoping to provide knowledge and help people.

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