Talented Artist “Q The Music” Successfully Rebrands as Michael Q Trucks

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Music is a powerful means of self-expression. Creative artists have told countless personal stories through their craft, plucking their lyrics from their own experiences and drawing inspiration from those around them.

Previously known as Q The Music, the renowned artist has successfully rebranded and now dons the mantle of Michael Q Trucks, bringing with him the same level of genuine talent and powerful lyricism to the music industry. Michael Q Trucks’ older works under his previous moniker can now be found under his current catalog containing singles, music videos and EPs credited to the Michael Q Trucks brand.

Michael Q Trucks has a flair for the dramatic. As a talented actor and musician, he has carried his stories along with him. Traveling all over the world as an active-duty military soldier, Michael continues to share his talents through his genre-bending musical performances.

Born and raised in Michigan, Michael Q Trucks discovered his unfettered passion for music at a young age. The talented musician recounts dancing and listening to songs by music legends such as Otis Redding, Frankie Lymon, and The Temptations and Prince during the days of his early childhood.

In high school, Michael Q Trucks became the drummer for the band “Now or Never,” which became one of his early memories of ever delving into music. Filled with a deep love for creative art forms, Michael would often join dance competitions which also led him to teach kids how to dance later in life. At the age of 14, the young musician began writing, singing, rapping, and making music all on his own. In fact, his very first recorded song was inside a closet using a Guitar Hero Mic.

In 2010, Michael Q Trucks worked as an extra and production assistant for the movie “What If” directed by Dallas Jenkins. Three years later, he would soon find himself in front of the camera playing a Forward in the Harold Cronk-directed film “Silver Bells.”

In 2015, Michael joined the U.S. Navy, giving him a chance to travel all over the world writing songs and creating music about his personal experiences which vastly traversed the territories of light and dark.

Once he officially started his own career in the music industry, Michael went by the artist name “Q The Music.” Over the course of four years, he released countless singles, music videos and EPs until officially rebranding to Michael Q Trucks in April 2022. All of his prior singles were released under his “Q The Music” moniker, such as his first three singles entitled “Stay,” “Lost,” and “No Love.”

Ultimately, Michael Q Trucks is a testament to the power of music and the deep emotions that come along with every song. As he continues to tell his story under a different name, the esteemed artist remains just the same in terms of quality, passion, and determination. With hard-hitting beats, clever lyricism, and an indomitable flow, Michael Q Trucks is well on his way to becoming a household name in the music industry.

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