Building a brand for yourself is not a one-person job. It takes a team of dedicated people to tailor the best strategies to help you reach your desired goal, and if you are out looking for the right representation and expert guidance infused with a great sense of exposure for building your personal brand, watch out as Al Dubai Media is expanding its client base in California.

As the word social media is resonating in every corner of the world, people either obliterate it or revere it. It goes without saying that the gravity of social media is growing by the day and Al Dubai Media is making leaps with their highly skilled team of social media savvy marketers, who without a doubt are shaping themselves to be the best marketing company for the evolution of your brand image.

Established in the year 2018, Al Dubai media was successful at quickly establishing a strong client base spread across the globe, all through its referrals alone. With its foundations in Dubai and Canada led by two immensely successful businessmen and influential figures in the music industry, Ahmad Gad AKA ‘DB Gad’ and Julez Kalima, as the Directors of Al Dubai Media in UAE and Canada respectively. Al Dubai Media is endorsed by an Indian-American music marketing company- SSD Media wiz, which has been one of the fastest growing companies when it comes to branding and marketing. 

After taking over the world through their marketing and PR strategies and their working practices today, they proudly represent multiple labels and globally recognised artists and performers like the platinum recording artist Will Claye, rapper X-raided and have also worked on a project featuring Pooh Sheisty! 

Having taken over the music industry by storm, Al Dubai media does not restrict its services to just a client base in the entertainment industry.  “We are focusing on providing marketing solutions to selected attorneys and law firms based in California”, says Shubham Singh Dhanda, founder of Al Dubai Media.

Shubham’s journey as a marketer began with his venture as a freelancer in social media marketing, back in the year 2017. His work alone was able to help him generate a huge clientele in the marketing sector, just by referrals from his marketing-partnered brands and Individuals.

Offering several services ranging from artist growth management through social media marketing and management to brand and business consultation services, Al Dubai Media is undoubtedly your go-to place for everything marketing and brand development. Book your consultation with these marketing geniuses here!

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