Taking over the world of fashion and music outstandingly, make way for young talent Daisuke Kamada.

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The young fashion model has a growing presence on social media and has worked extensively with global brands while also being an entrepreneur.

It is so amazing to know about all those individuals and professionals who, in ways, more than one, go ahead in creating their own successful paths in their careers and lives without blindly following others in their industry. These professionals turn from being ordinary into extraordinary talented beings, even amidst massive competition and saturation in their chosen fields, for they focus on their goals and visions in life and make sure to give it their all at every step of the way to become their best version, just like Daisuke Kamada did in the world of fashion and music.

Daisuke Kamada today stands tall and unique as a one-of-a-kind talented being as he has risen to the top as a male fashion model rising globally. Being in an industry already known for tons of gorgeous female models, making his name prominent was no cakewalk for him, but he has proved his mettle as an exclusive brand professional model and also a company owner. Despite being in an industry where freedom is asked for, he has gone ahead in exceeding boundaries and showcasing his A-game as a male model, who now has garnered tremendous name and recognition.

At just 14 years, he was scouted and began his professional modelling career and debuted as a world professional model at the New York Fashion Week in 2002 at 21 years. Since then, he has never looked back, walking on stages like Pasarela Cibeles (2008), Portland Fashion Week (2012), and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (2017) and appearing on several top fashion shows in the world. At 18 years, he had started his own media business in Japan and today serves as the President of Chiisana Suisei Ltd, which he represents, manages as his own model, and runs his own media business.

Japan-born and raised youngster thus has proved his innate skills and talents not just as a world-ranked male fashion model but also as a business owner. Besides this, he also ensures to post his daily life on his SNS and has created an influential presence in the same. Working for top brands like Asahi Beer Dries Cool, Coca-Cola Japan, Georgia/NOMEL’s Dism, Prima Vista, Scalp D Shampoo, Maison Francis Kurjan, Braun (Series 9 Pro) and many others, he has grown his portfolio as a model.

Daisuke Kamada has also been a growing music artist and producer whose songs on Spotify have seen a surge in likes, streams and shares.

Do follow him on his socials like Instagram (@daisukekamada_official) and Twitter, and check out his Spotify.

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