It’s been a crazy year. With so many variables outside of our control, it’s easy to let the few that are in our control slip. One of those variables being our overall health.

From the quarantine fifteen to physical fitness, staying safer inside has taken its toll on our bodies and our minds. While it may have kept us from pandemic harm, it has opened us up to a host of other issues that could have long health term effects if we don’t address them now.

InsideTracker is a revolutionary new health and wellness platform that helps you to optimize your body using science and technology to deliver ultra-personalized guidance.

Founded in 2009 by experts in aging, genetics and biometric data, from Harvard, MIT and Tufts, science is the backbone of InsideTracker. They believe the most impactful science and technology products result from constant learning. This is how InsideTracker works – instead of a one-off service, it stays with you, learning from your body and adjusting your plan as you go.

The algorithm that drives the InsideTracker platform is continuously refined, drawing on cutting-edge research and technological advances. It’s smart and ever-evolving, just like your body is.

I decided to try them out, because honestly, if I try one more fad diet I am going to straight up lose my mind. Every day, there’s a new diet trend: “Eat that; take this; avoid those!” I just can’t do it anymore. There’s a level of self-hate layered into that kind of strict deprivation that I can no longer abide.

This is why I was so eager to test InsideTracker. They cut through the bullshit by going straight to the source – no bullying, no self-doubt, just pure facts. They analyze your blood, your DNA, your lifestyle and nutrition habits, and tell you how to live, look, age, and perform better – all in a way that makes sense within your daily life.

Off the bat, it’s clear this service isn’t messing around. You start off by choosing your plan; I went with the Ultimate Plan, their all-encompassing total wellness solution. Designed to provide the most comprehensive snapshot of wellness, the Ultimate Plan supports all InsideTracker goals, covering everything from athletic performance (spoiler alert in my case: none) to longevity, and overall well-being. Getting your blood drawn from one of over 2,000 locations in the U.S. (there were three right by my home, easy peasy), viewing your results online (exactly as I expected them to be), and getting your science-based recommendations to optimize your health (way more doable than I expected).

InsideTracker products have already helped thousands of people improve their lives by improving their bodies from the inside out, using personalized recommendations for nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle. They’re optimizing everyone, from elite athletes to busy professionals and stressed-out parents (us!).

I’m excited to be on this new journey, which is a first, because healthy lifestyle changes usually fill me with dread. For the first time, I feel hope that not only can I make a healthy change, but that I can make a healthy, lasting change thanks to InsideTracker.

Check them out for yourself at

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