Suzanne Soliman, PharmD, BCMAS, And Her Contributions In The Pharma Industry

Having multiple awards, numerous media appearances, and hundreds of published articles, presentations, and podcasts is just among the many achievements under Dr. Suzanne Soliman’s name. It’s not an overstatement to claim that she’s one of the most influential female pharmacists in the United States. She has contributed a lot to the pharma industry and isn’t stopping any time soon.

Currently, Suzanne is the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA). It’s the only accredited provider of professional development and certification for medical affairs and medical science liaison (MSL) professionals. Through her position, she helps set the standard of excellence for pharmacists to shape the bright future of global health care.

Her C-suite position at ACMA even gave her the chance to speak in front of practicing professionals in the healthcare and life sciences industries across more than 75 nations. In addition, she has presented data related to pharma globally. She also shares her knowledge about pharmacy, parenting, and women’s health and issues on social media, specifically Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Suzanne also actively makes presentations about the intersection of work, motherhood, pharmacy, and women in leadership. She has been a keynote speaker at the Connecticut Pharmacist Association Meeting, 2018, 2019, 2020 Women Pharmacist Day events, St. John’s University, Albert Ebert Lecture, University of Illinois at Chicago, Assembia Conference, Cardinal Health RBC 2019 Conference, and McKesson IdeaShare 2019 Conference. She was also in the TedX/Rx event discussing the future of pharmacy. She also hosts the Women in Pharmacy podcast, where she invites other female pharmacists to talk about matters concerning their profession.

To further advocate for women’s role in pharmacy, Suzanne founded Pharmacist Moms Group (PhMG) in April 2017. As of date, the group has more than 35,000 actively participating members, making it one of the largest organizations of female pharmacists in the United States. They support each other in their professional and personal lives, and together, they advocate for the place of women in pharmacy.

For dedicating her time and resources for the benefit of the pharma industry and health care in general, Suzanne was granted the Civic Leadership Award. In 2019, her paper on the documentation and advancement of pharmaceutical education earned her the Rufus A. Lyman Award for the Best Manuscript Published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. In 2021, she was awarded along with her teammates the Most Innovative Award during a Microsoft Hackathon for the advancement of technology and healthcare.

Acknowledging her abundance of knowledge and experience in medical journals, Suzanne also worked as a medical expert and journal reviewer. Specifically, she has contributed to the peer-reviewed journals Annals of Pharmacotherapy and Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning.

Due to her influence and prominence in the pharma industry, she has been invited by numerous news outlets to share her journey and knowledge. Among them are the Pharmacy Times Magazine, ABC7NY, Daily Voice, Time Out Chicago, Crain’s Chicago Business Magazine, and The New York Times.

Suzanne is also investing in the future of pharmacy. She offers scholarships for students at her alma mater, the UIC College of Pharmacy. She also volunteers and holds career days for those interested in STEM and pursuing a pharmacy career. Through all of Suzanne’s contributions in the pharma industry, she has proved that women have what it takes to climb the ladder if given a chance.

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