Survival Clothing & Footwear’s Expansion and Growth in Fashion

In the dog-eat-dog fashion world, it is not enough to just have a great product. Anyone who wants to thrive in this incredibly competitive space must be ready to work harder than others and stay on top of emerging industry trends. With so many talented and well-connected designers jockeying for the first position, only the fittest reach the top. Inspired by 90’s Hip-Hop, the founders’ love for sneakers, and incredible passion for fashion, Survival Clothing and Footwear brand is rapidly making its mark in the fashion world.

Since its establishment in 2016, the Florida-based company has steadily increased its market penetration and expanded its operations. Survival currently has four retail stores in South Florida and a booming e-commerce platform serving customers online from around the country. The brand has several in-house brands, notably Paradise Lost, THRT Denim, and Yesterday is Dead. Its unique urban connection is quickly propelling Survival to the forefront of the streetwear elite, capturing a new perspective in retail and design that was very much lacking in the South Florida menswear/streetwear market.

To Survival’s founders, Manny Garcia and Gregory Morales, this fulfills long-held desires. Their love for fashion developed early. Even as young kids, they were always the best dressed in school. This passion only deepened as they grew older, setting them apart from other kids with their sneakers and outfits. Years later, their path became apparent in the fashion world, which is when they started the journey to creating a fashion empire. The journey faced many hurdles, but the two visionaries never backed down from a challenge.

Survival Clothing adopts the motto, “Survival for the fittest,” as it reflects the founders’ philosophy of hard work and determination in an industry with few handouts or favors. They explain that to them, Survival is not just a fancy name. It is a daily reminder to adapt and recalibrate along the way even when the path is filled with insurmountable odds. Their goal has always been to create a community, be positive leaders and role models, and use fashion as a voice to motivate the youth and inspire others.

But how does Survival Clothing keep up with emerging trends and the ever-changing world of logistics, politics, and supply chains? Also, how did they scale while others downsized after the pandemic?

Credits go to the right team, hunger, and ambition to break new ground. Additionally, the Survival Clothing team maintains excellent attention to detail and craftsmanship. The company’s streamlined process allows it to produce all its brands exclusively, minimizing outside influence. “We cut out the middleman as much as possible; we design, develop, manufacture, create our own content, wholesale, marketing, retail, and e-commerce,” the leaders explain. The company also carries a lot of Heritage Brands, such as New Balance, Karhu, Saucony, Diadora, and Asics, which sets it apart from average footwear boutiques/stores.

From simple streetwear basics to statement-making outerwear pieces, Survival has established itself as a one-stop shop for all things fashion in Florida. The goal is to expand the brand’s retail stores to other US states and eventually outside the country to the European, Asian, and Middle East markets. The team is currently expanding the wholesale side of the business and launching more in-house brands.

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