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Obsessively learning about real estate and finally discovered an untouched gem called SurplusFund.com

Being successful in the business industry is not a walk in the park. It takes a certain amount of courage, patience, and dedication. One person by the name of Spencer Vann has the right amount of ingredients through his journey towards a successful business venture. He is a hard-working entrepreneur whose mission is all about future-driven and not money-driven. The company SurplusFund.com aims to create financial advancement and give a sense of hope to all the people who have lost their homes due to foreclosure or those who owed money that was held by the government.

Spencer Vann would like to inspire individuals and talk about the lessons he learned from starting to growing a 7-figure coaching business. He also made some recommendations to his ideal clients who aim to improve their life or business. First, he requires hyper-optimization, some may have stopped spending money on advertising during the covid-19 pandemic where he doubled down and started spending more. He even spent twice much on the ads yet still very much profitable. Secondly, he recommends creating a blue ocean, which means you can’t sell what someone else is selling. You have to be unique with your strategy, product, and traffic source. He also added to have an extreme customer focus, emphasizing that the business is not designed to make money, but it should be designed to help resolve the customers’ problems. You have to always remember to take care of your customer as they are the ones who give you money. Another recommendation is to major in the major things. Remember the 80-20 rule, focus on the 20% of the business that will produce 80% of the results. And finally, it’s the north star alignment. Everyone should align with the company’s goal including the employee, contractors, and customers. Every member of the team must be working towards one single end goal, or else the business will get lost in limbo.

Behind Spencer Vann’s success are the people who inspire him to push himself to the level of success that he reached today. These are Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Michael Jordan, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Kobe Bryant, Alex Becker, Russell Brunson just to name a few. Also, her mom’s dream of owning and living her own house pushes him to get into the real estate world. He was 17 when he had his first real estate wholesale deal and eventually became a real estate agent in Orange County California at the age of 18. As he studied real estate for 2-3 years this is where he discovered SurplusFund.com. Meeting his business partner David Church is the major turning point in his life. He remembers sending an email to David asking him if he can attend a real estate meet-up hosted by him. Now, these two hard-working individuals built a multi-7 figure company.

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