Farmers are revered all over the world as being one of the most important classes of occupation. In recent times, however, the upcoming generation tends to gravitate more towards fancier fields where they get to play with equally fancy gadgets. It is safe to say that the prestige of farming is dwindling, but the importance keeps growing.

In fact, it is arguable that farming, and reaping the natural fruits of the earth – as opposed to other unsustainable resources and energy forms – has never been as important as it is now. And while the world works tirelessly towards making the green dream a reality, someone has arisen in Thailand who hopes to guide her people towards this collective goal.

Suparatana Bencharongkul is a lady with a mission to not only take the possibilities of farming to the next level but also make it cool again through the introduction of advanced technological improvements.

Suparatana grows up in a household where the love for the Earth and love for farming was always held in high regard. She was raised to believe that farmers are the most important people in any thriving society. And even though she grew up as a billionaire’s daughter, her love for farming was always prominent among friends and family in whatever she did.
Currently, farmers employ a host of general guess works and vague, rough estimations in carrying out important farming exercises, such as fertilizer application, resource allocation and so on. Suparatana, and her group of experts, strongly believe that this should not be the case.

There is no reason why a course of action should not be taken to standardize these simple tasks and calculations, through extensive research and testing, to achieve an optimal mode of operation that guarantees the best results.

This not only provides a uniform and easier way of doing things but also, through the diligent allocation of resources, will ensure that farmers are able to increase yield while reducing waste or even eliminating it completely.

Suparatana is pioneering this modern, technology-oriented system that many are calling the beginning of a novel agricultural revolution in Thailand. It is even more impressive to consider that she does this while retaining her influence as a billionaire’s daughter.

Apart from using her unique platform as a way of furthering research and improving the status quo, she also engages in a lot of charitable enterprises, a trait which she evidently inherited from her father. She also uses her unique gifts as a means of connecting people, collating ideas, and driving growth in as modest a way as she can.

As the general manager of Rakbankerd, a subsidiary of her father’s company, she is lucky to have the means to effect change in a way that very few can. And even though it is easy to waste opportunities like this, she never takes it for granted, nor shy away from it. And she has proven through various initiatives and innovations that the platform is capable of so many positive results, and given time and needed resources, all her goals which may seem like mere dreams at the moment will definitely become a reality.

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