Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini’s Second Chance and Overcoming Trauma to Find Freedom Through Options Trading

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“While you wait for someone to come and save you, you save yourself first.”

There’s always a story behind the glory, a shame behind the fame. For Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini, her story is one of pain, abuse, and poverty, and how she was able to overcome trauma to find freedom and success in America through option trading.

Life for Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini couldn’t have been more painful at the beginning. Being raised at an Orphanage in Korea, the only family Sun Yong knew as a child were the other unfortunate children she was raised with. Considering the precarious circumstances of her life, the odds of her making a decent living were against her. But then, fate came along and changed the trajectory of her journey.

As an orphan, Sun Yong had a traumatic childhood, suffering both physical and psychological abuse. But when she made it to the US after being adopted by her American family at just 14 years old, Sun Yong knew she’d been given a second chance to define life on her terms.  So against the background of abandonment, hunger, and deprivation, Sun Yong decided to take advantage of the opportunity life had thrown at her.

To think that Sun Yong never chewed a proper gum till she came to America at 14 seems unbelievable, but that just gives you an idea of how life must have been for this determined entrepreneur who climbed the ladder of success through sheer sweat, blood, and sacrifice. The first time she had gum was in Korea; she was 12 years old and she’d picked an already chewed gum off of the ground, just to see how it felt and tasted.

Life didn’t turn 360 degrees for good overnight, even in America. There were still rigors and challenges to cope with, especially during her growing up years as a foreign student trying to understand the culture and ways of her new environment.

Her American family wasn’t wealthy, and they had other kids they were raising along with Sun Yong. So it wasn’t exactly what you would call a privileged upbringing. Of course, it was a thousand times better than where she was coming from.

As a result of her dark experiences in Korea and personal insecurities, Sun Yong was suspicious of people and their intentions. “I never looked in the mirror,” she says, pointing to the fact that the other kids used to pick on her because of her minor facial defect. “One, they didn’t have any mirrors for us to look at, which made it easy. But then, you know, I was made fun of and all that.”

In America, after pushing herself to study harder than anyone else, getting to College, and then working as a nurse for over three decades, Sun Yong retired early in 2018 (which was her ambition) and set her goal of becoming self-sufficient and financially free – as a seven figure entrepreneur.

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Her quest on this part led her to Option Trading. It’s a discovery that would allow Sun Yong to live the kind of life she dreamed of. She devoted her time to learning how Option Trading worked and she soon began to trade live for herself. From then on, it read like a fairytale.

In the beginning, Sun Yong kept her projected profit margin moderate since she was just starting. However, the result was astounding; she was able to gross $178,000 when at first she’d hoped to make just $100,000. This was mind-blowing, especially for a woman who made just $30,000 a year working as a Certified Medical Assistant.

According to Sun Yong, her success in Option Trading is the result of hard work and self-discipline. She simply believed she could do it and so she poured herself in without holding back. She began practicing around 2016, studying the market trend from 7.30 am to 2 pm Monday through Saturday each week. She says, “I’ll study, study, study, study, study, study.”

Her dedication led Sun Yong to not only understand how to trade profitably, but she also came up with an effective strategy of her own, one she called a ‘unique miracle system’.

Once she began to make it in trading, Sun Yong wanted to help others make money as well.  From suffering poverty at her orphanage to working as a nurse and struggling to survive, and meeting a lot of people who didn’t have much money, Sun Yong thought it would be great to teach people what she’d learned in option trading.

In particular, she is concerned about helping single mothers make a decent living for themselves. Being a single mother herself who raised her kids alone most of the time without the support of her husband, Sun Yong knows the hardship that single mothers face, especially if they don’t have a job or business of their own.

According to Sun Yong: “I thought I could help people make money. Single mothers and single dads don’t have to work as hard as me, so they could stay home with the kids. And then I could help retired people make money so that they are not on a fixed income, they could have enough money to last them.”

When Sun Yong started learning trading with a personal tutor, it cost her like $20,000 half an hour for four weeks, just to learn. But it was what it took, and she paid the price. However, she isn’t charging her students all that much now. Sun Yong says she is going to charge the value of what it is worth, and for that, her students get the privilege of choosing between the four-month long course duration and a speed teaching to last just 10 days. So far, Sun Yong has been able to help no fewer than 50 people learn her miracle strategy for Option Trading.

Moving forward, Sun Yong believes it’s important for people to focus more on the positive instead of the negative: “You have to dwell on the positive; that’s why I am where I am today. In everything in life that we do, there’s always negative, there’s always positive.”

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