Quality CBD is a lot easier to come by in 2021, and at a much more reasonable price compared to the last few years. Gummies and tinctures have become the most popular way to consume CBD, so we took a wide selection of these from a variety of companies and put them to the test. Flavor, mg per dose, quality of the product, and value were all part of our research. When analyzing each company, ensuring the products were lab tested and authentic was of the upmost importance. With the CBD “gold rush” over the past couple years, companies have been caught with their pants down selling “CBD products” with little to no CBD. All the following companies are offering CBD items with complete, verifiable lab tests from 3rd parties, indicating they are producing real CBD creations containing the specified amounts of CBD listed, if not more. Here are our top choices of the most superb companies and their best products for Summer of 2021!

1. Green Roads

Best CBD Product25mg/gummy Extra Strength Relax Bears

Gummy Price Range – $6.50-$50

Tincture Price Range – $3-$150

Highlight – Sitting on top as the biggest and best.

Details – No matter where you go, Green Roads is at the register. Convenient stores, gas stations, liquor stores, grocery stores; everyone has a Green Roads display on their counter. Green Roads has grown to be one of the biggest main-stream CBD companies in the nation. You can walk into a brick-and-mortar store in nearly every major city in the US and find their gummies. Head to their website and the selection grows exponentially. Green Roads offers gummies and oils in “sample” sizes so you can “try before you buy”. There are six different options for CBD oil in single-serve packs with a variety of flavors. Very few companies offer smaller trial sized options like this. Our best product choice is their 25mg extra strength relax bears. The 5 flavors in the mixed pack are absolutely delicious. Each pack contains a collection of blue raspberry, lemon, cherry, green apple, and orange flavored gummies. Taking one is nice and relaxing, taking two really helps you chill and even nod off on the couch.

2. Charlotte’s Web

Best CBD Product50mg/ml Original Formula Mint Chocolate Tincture

Gummy Price Range – $27-$171

Tincture Price Range – $25-$240

Highlight – The founders of the CBD industry.

Details – The Godfather of the CBD industry, Charlotte’s Web is the true “founder” of the industry. Established in 2014, CW is one of the most experienced and well-known brands. With all the understanding and knowledge of hemp and the power of CBD, paired with the story of Charlotte Figi, this brand has touched hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives. Their business goals are more of a compassionate mission than a thriving business. Charlotte’s story started when she was having seizures at 3 years old. Parallel to the benefits of FDA approved EPIDIOLEX®, CBD has been researched in association with alleviating seizures in children and Charlotte’s Web has been promoting this benefit since its induction. The Charlotte’s Web Original Formula is our top choice. With 50mg of CBD per 1ml, the tasty Mint Chocolate flavored tincture is also certified by the US Hemp Association.

3. Boston Hempire

Best CBD Product33mg/ml Strawberry Tincture w/ 2.5mg Melatonin

Gummy Price Range – $7-$50

Tincture Price Range – $35-$50

Highlight – The biggest selection of hemp products, by far.

Details – Boston Hempire is by far the least known company of our top brands. The Massachusetts based brand has an edgier lineup with a large selection of hemp derived products to accompany their CBD selection. The combination of CBD and a massive hemp flower selection puts the available products on their website to over 175 items. Their line of CBD gummies “pays tribute” to their hometown with a flavored gummy line that matches the colors of the Boston subway system, including a grape nighttime gummy containing 1.5mg of melatonin. Similar to Green Roads, Boston Hempire also offers small “sample” size packs of gummies for customers to try out the product before spending money on large bags. We love the Melatonin CBD Gummies, but our top-rated product is the Melatonin Tincture (we enjoyed the Strawberry flavor more) containing 1000mg of CBD per 1oz bottle and 2.5mg of Melatonin per serving. The bigger dose of Melatonin knocked us out 45 minutes after taking a 1ml dropper and there was no grogginess feeling in the morning.


Best CBD Product50mg/ml Orange CBD Oil Tincture

Gummy Price Range – $30-$90

Tincture Price Range – $30-$210

Highlight – Pharma type reputation backed by Pro Golfer, Bubba Watson

Details – With a name like CBDMD, you could immediately associate the company with doctors or the medical field, especially after WebMD became famous. Make Pro Golfer, Bubba Watson, your sports spokesperson, and your reputation skyrockets. Leagues like the NFL currently do not support CBD product endorsements by players, but the PGA has been more open to athletes taking and promoting CBD. Regardless of the advertising, the products also speak for themselves. CBDMD offers a more powerful 1500mg line of tinctures available in 4 flavors, which include additional cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes. The orange flavored 1500mg version was our #1 choice, especially if you are looking for a higher dose of CBD per serving. The orange flavor did not taste artificial, and the relaxing effects were present within the hour.

5. Purekana

Best CBD Product25mg/gummy CBD Immune Citrus Gummies

Gummy Price Range – $40-$90

Tincture Price Range – $54-$184

Highlight – The largest selection of Wellness products

Details – Purekana boasts high quality and the biggest selection when it comes to wellness. They offer a wide selection of different potencies in their tincture line. The tinctures are available with CBD levels from 300mg-5000mg per bottle. 5000mg indicates a very high dose of CBD, but for those in need, Purekana is one of a few that offer concentrations this high. The gummies extend the line beyond flavors and include characteristics to help with immunity, calmness, and sleep. The immunity gummies are what caught our eye, and they delivered. The 25mg citrus gummies have a natural orange flavor and incorporate elderberry and zinc as immune boosters. The combination of CBD and immune support makes these gummies one of the best as an everyday supplement. With 60 gummies per bottle, a container will last 1-2 months, depending on your daily dose.

Honorable Mention – Sunday Scaries & Joy Organics

The runners up of our top 5 brands include the millennial and social media dominators, Sunday Scaries, and the all-organic flower child brand, Joy Organics. Sunday Scaries has locked into the millennial market using product names like “Vegan AF” “Bra Bearies” and “Unicorn Jerky”. The Vegan AF gumdrops were our best runner up with a flavorful and slightly sour coating on the outside. The Joy Organics line was also chosen as a runner up for their sustainability practices and certified organic tinctures. The frontrunner for Joy Organics was the certified organic broad spectrum Orange Bliss Tincture with a delightful, clean flavor.

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