Success is All About Finding the Right Connections. John Bonavia Has Been Doing that his Whole Life, Now He’s a Successful Crypto Investor.

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Former actor, John Bonavia, has utilized his network of people from his childhood acting career to pursue his current business endeavors. As a true entrepreneur – he found an opportunity in the people that surrounded him. Starting a business or pursuing any personal goal is often easier with the help of others. It’s just a matter of connecting with the right ones.

Luckily, John Bonavia met hundreds, even thousands of people throughout his acting career. “I was able to acquire several roles in television and film as a young child actor. I lived in New York City and Los Angeles. I surrounded myself with people from all over and was able to take in the knowledge from all the relations I cultured from all of the different fields I have been in. And that’s why I have moved into crypto space,” says Bonavia.

John Bonavia established, a business development group. He has acquired multiple business partners through it: “These partnerships allow me to incorporate crypto, funding, real estate development, and high-end luxury services at a very superior level compared to its competitors in southern California,” Bonavia says. He has expanded his business into Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and more.

Bonavia’s focus at is blue chip cryptocurrencies and all the latest altcoins. They invest in ETH and ADA as well. Lately, though, Bonavia mostly spends his time sharing personal opinions with the world. John Bonavia invites his clients to learn more about investing – that’s a big part of his business. On his website, Bonavia explains that he can help clients invest 30 to 50K without using any of their cash.

“We meet with clients one on one every week via zoom to teach the ins and outs of Crypto and how to leverage yourself with no upfront cash! You sign up,  follow along,  and ask questions about why we do what we do. We also offer a service where we will teach you every step of the process, helping you gear up and become an all-around better investor in the crypto market,” Bonavia says.

At heart, John Bonavia is an educator. He loves helping people. He knows what it’s like to reach for dreams that seem impossible to others, but he also knows that it’s all about human connection. You can’t move forward quickly without the help and knowledge of people who understand your goals. Bonavia knows that success looks different for everyone, but one thing is usually the same: financial freedom. For Bonavia, that means generational wealth, and he is well on his way to achieving that goal.

John Bonavia is fulfilling his life mission by focusing on the here and the now. He lives in the moment. For this reason, he’s not too concerned about his competitors. Paired with the fact that he doesn’t think groups like Edward Jones and Charles Schwab are managing portfolios geared toward client success, he is, so he doesn’t feel as though he has much to worry about. His advice for others pursuing financial freedom is to invest. He also stresses the importance of staying up to date on the latest technology like blockchain and social networking platforms like TikTok. If people are not delving into the changes happening in technology – they’ll get left behind.

“I can’t remember when I didn’t take risks. I am a thrill seeker always looking for speed runs and a nostalgia kick. On the rare days when I’m not doing my own research, I like to help others achieve their goals,” John Bonavia says. So if you’re looking for success through financial freedom, John Bonavia is the human connection you’ve been looking for.

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