Suave, Sleek and Sexy: Ultra-premium Tequila Brand Suave Awaits the Full Moon

Since the launching of the ultra-premium Suave Tequila in 2014, the brand has been awarded numerous titles for its huge emphasis in ensuring the purity and integrity of their supply chain as reflected within their single-estate agave and tequila production processes.

For those that have never seen fields of spiky, sage green agave cactus or witnessed tequila being distilled, it promises to be quite a treat. Though the founders have been crafting their family of luxury tequilas in hand-numbered bottles — including Suave Blanco, Suave Lunar, Suave Reposado, Suave Añejo, Suave Joven, and Suave Extra Añejo Tequila — on this land since the beginning, they only recently began dreaming of sharing the gorgeously remote single-estate destination with other tequila lovers.

Family Values

The founders aren’t the only members of their family passionate about premium tequila. Their parents were also inspired to help create the sort of tequila their ancestors once savored in small sips, as opposed to the harsher sort that burns the throat so badly it’s hardly surprising that it’s widely consumed only as a shot.

Though the founders were born in California, their family lineage traces back to Guadalajara, the capital city of Jalisco, Mexico. So when they had the chance to return to their origins and launch a tequila brand rooted in tradition within the state where the spirit was born — they instantly knew they had to see it through.

The products they created are remarkably rooted in the past while using the latest knowledge to create the smoothest taste possible. Suave is the perfect blend between tradition and modern aesthetics as mirrored in their bottle shape. It consists of a unique ancestral production recipe that has been able to hold its own in global competitions — even receiving accolades for its flavor, body, and authenticity — after only a few years on the market.

Suave Tequila was awarded Tequila of the Year in 2020 by USA Spirits Ratings, with over 90 points in all the different expressions and categories used to judge agave-based distillates.

And to those who still see tequila as only a party shot? The founders simply point to the drink’s new generation of aficionados, tastemakers, and health-conscious drinkers that have made tequila their drink of choice. Yes, health-conscious.

Healthy Choices

As premium tequilas have come into fashion around the globe, drinkers have started to realize that the purest forms of the spirit actually have quite a few health perks as well.

By returning to the traditional recipe consisting of pure agave heart with no additives, Suave Tequila is naturally gluten-free with a low methanol content. These qualities mean that the premium distillate suits many clean lifestyles, and could actually help diabetics regulate their blood sugar content levels. Diabetic diets have done away with the harsh burn and chemical aftertaste of many mass-market tequilas that do not boast the same health benefits due to fillers and additives.

Need more convincing? The tequila recipe is organic and kosher, double-distilled for purity, certified additive-free, rested in American & French oak barrels, and fermented using naturally occurring yeasts; in fact, naturally fermenting tequila is a huge challenge as it could also drastically change the profile of the distillate if not diligently supervised but it adds to the beauty and complexity behind the creation of a fine quality tequila.

The final result? An absolutely prime sipping experience with a fine-tuned tequila that is drastically unique from others in the market today. The founders say that their success is due to their proprietary blend of sustainable growing methods and small batch production practices, we say it’s heaven in a glass and the hand-numbered bottles look stunning on our bar.

About Suave Tequila

Suave Tequila is an ultra-premium 100%-certified organic, kosher, additive-free, single-estate tequila produced in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Founded in 2014, the company has been awarded numerous accolades, including Tequila of the Year 2018, 2020 & Best In Show by USA Spirits Ratings. For more information, please visit

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