“Strong self-belief and determination help push boundaries across businesses,” says Brando “Crypto Wizard” Murphy.

This passionate crypto expert has astounded people with valuable cryptocurrency content through his enterprise Bigger Than Race (BTR).

Of the many things that have turned people’s heads and grabbed their attention, the rise and emergence of young professionals, coaches, mentors, and entrepreneurs across industries have garnered maximum headlines. However, what has caught more attention is the positive attitude with which these individuals have walked on their path fearlessly, creating a unique niche in their respective industries. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such high-performing professional in the world of fintech is Brando “Crypto Wizard” Murphy. This talented being has already astounded people with his creative abilities and skills as an actor, producer, and scriptwriter. Today, he is also a part of the fintech world and has crossed boundaries in the niches of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He has transformed his life for the better and is determined to help others do the same through his extensive knowledge, research, winning investment strategies and valuable content on crypto.

His unique and high-touch enterprise “Bigger Than Race” (BTR) has been created with the genuine aim to help people win in cryptocurrency and create an ideal and happier life for themselves, the way they always desired, by creating generational wealth. BTR exudes the passion of Brando and his hunger to teach his loyal BTR members the most scholarly investment strategies, which he takes pride in for being the foremost in his industry, ensuring he provides matchless quality. Brando is also driven to make sure that people don’t just see one perspective of the world but also know and understand the other side of the coin.

Talking about the same, Brando quotes, “I work relentlessly and resiliently towards bringing truth to them backed by research, with the aim to lead them towards generational wealth. I also wish to build a community of like-minded individuals on the same frequency and a group of multimillionaires to help carve out a piece of the pie.”

Today, Brando “Crypto Wizard” Murphy shines brighter in the industry with the successes he has attained by helping others attain the same. He already has a 249 member Patreon, which is constantly growing, where he has helped them attain an ROI of 100,000%+ in portfolio percentage gains groupwide. His BTR members have made it huge by earning their first multi-million-dollar profits. Others have reached a quarter of a million to half a million dollars profit marks from numerous exclusive coin picks and his concierge-style guidance. His members have learned to get in on the ground floor and own major stakes in the ecosystems they participate in building.

Brando also makes them understand the importance of generating a return on investments and the value and power in ownership. Today, people trust in his knowledge, research, and word for his ability to connect with all generations and people.

Brando “Crypto Wizard” Murphy, who has helped people build generational wealth and develop an investor mindset, highlights that a strong self-belief, right knowledge and determination can help people push boundaries across businesses and revolutionize their lives the way they want. To find out more, follow him on Instagram @brando_btr.

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