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Great leaders know that it is a strong team of committed staff and managers that contribute to the universal success of a company. CEO and founder of Insured Nomads, Andrew Jernigan attributes the success of his company to his skilled and experienced team. They provide expertise that is unmatched. Insured Nomads was formed out of Andrew’s experiences with travel and insurance. Together with his partner, he came up with what can be classified as a leading innovation in the insurance industry.

The Early Days

Andrew describes himself as an insurance technology pioneer. He recounts, “I began as a digital nomad in 2000, then that turned into a lifestyle of”slowmad “ or ”expat “ as I worked across 5 continents for extended seasons in many countries. My partner is a travel medicine/global health physician, and together with my travel background, technology and international health insurance expertise, we have brought a team – more like a family – together to passionately innovate and create solutions that exceed the need, and surprisingly, serve with a strong commitment to generosity.”  The culture of Insured Nomads continues to provide healthcare to those in need through robust products and services around the world.

Support of Family

Juliana Jernigan who is one of the founders of Insured Nomads and Andrew’s wife is described as a genius in business and global health. She has worked for years providing corporate and nonprofit global health leadership, and travel risk consultancy. Andrew describes her contributions by saying “she has been a point of clarity and balance in our pursuit of excellence.  The willingness to ride the wave of company building with a team of insurance executives and investors has shown brightly through her support, flexibility and hope that she exudes.” The entire family has been of tremendous support. “The kids have sacrificed significantly as we have needed to pour more hours into these years than we anticipated, yet they are champs and love our dedication to protecting people.”

Strong, Experienced Leadership Team

The strong leadership team at Insured Nomads continues to be a force to be reckoned with. The executives have years of experience and the staff are chosen as they demonstrate the core values of the Insured Nomads brand. Mr. Allen Koski, President & Chief Innovation Officer has over 20 years of experience working with international companies such as Cigna Global, where he led international sales. He was also a Senior Vice President with United Healthcare Global.

Chief Commercial Officer for Global Partnerships, Mr. Markus Zettner, has garnered years of experience as a health care globalist with demonstrated success in expatriate benefits and travel medical assistance programs. He has built the global provider networks for Cigna Global, AIG/MetLife Expat and United Healthcare Global.

The team is also composed of Mr. Andrew Sandilands, EU & UK Market Director. Mr. Sandilands contributes over 20 years of experience in regional distribution network leadership within the international insurance industry in Europe/UK.

With a strong leadership team, Andrew and Insured Nomads are hoping to build a legacy in the insurtech industry. This will ensure that the company continues to innovate and revolutionize the space.

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