Stop Ignoring Your Prostate Health: How Inno Supps Advanced Prostate Support Can Help Naturally Improve Prostate Health

Discover why men of all ages need prostate support and how Inno Supps Advanced Prostate Support can help


You may think prostate health is only a concern for middle age and onward, but all men are at risk for prostate problems. The sooner you focus on lifestyle changes and supplements that provide prostate support, the better. 

Many pharmaceuticals supporting prostate health have side effects that could impact physical performance. We recently discovered a natural alternative. It’s called Advanced Prostate Support by the trusted supplement company Inno Supps. 

Read on to learn more about why prostate support is important and why we believe Inno Supps’ Advanced Prostate Support is the best natural supplement on the market if you want to maximize the health of your prostate, bladder and overall health. 

Why taking a proactive approach to prostate health is important

To understand why incorporating a prostate support supplement is essential, it’s helpful to know what causes prostate issues to creep up. Studies show several things play a role in prostate health.

Here are the top five with the most clinical backing:

  1. DHT levels

Unhealthy prostate growth is often related to too much DHT, a metabolite of testosterone involved in prostate development and growth.

As DHT accumulates in the prostate, if levels become too high, it can cause the prostate to grow. To promote prostate health, DHT levels must be addressed effectively.

  1. Urinary function

In men, the urinary tract is intricately linked with the prostate gland. Research shows that the better your urinary function is, the better your prostate will be. If you don’t take care of your urinary function, you increase your chances of excess inflammation and oxidative stress that lead to urinary infections.1

Body weight
Better prostate health and healthier urine flow require being at a healthy weight. Being overweight increases the risk of prostate disease, including benign prostatic hyperplasia (an enlarged prostate).

It is important to stay active, maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and plant-based proteins, and minimize red and processed meats. 

  1. Chronic stress

When left unmanaged, stress can take a toll on overall health, including prostate health.

Studies show high stress levels increase the stress hormone cortisol, which is a testosterone killer. Decreased testosterone is shown to harm prostate health.

We can’t avoid all stress, so the key is to manage stress properly. Incorporate deep breathing, meditation, yoga, working out, journaling and natural supplements with herbs clinically shown to lower cortisol levels

  1. Smoking

Smoking affects every cell in the body, including the prostate and urinary tract. The nicotine from cigarettes is also shown to increase DHT levels in the prostate, which, as explained earlier, can lead to an unhealthy prostate. 

Be proactive when it comes to prostate health. Not smoking, lowering stress, maintaining a healthy weight and supplementing with natural herbs that support DHT levels and urinary function are great places to start. 

Inno Supps’ Advanced Prostate Support is the best proactive approach to promote optimal prostate and bladder health

Regarding supplements, it’s challenging to know which works and what dosages are effective. Inno Supps has removed all the guesswork with Advanced Prostate Support, the newest supplement in their expanding men’s health line.

Inno Supps’ Advanced Prostate Support contains a unique blend of natural herbs that have the potential to support normal prostate size, urinary flow and bladder control.

Additionally, the formula includes trace minerals essential for hormone regulation, prostate health and male performance. 

How Advanced Prostate Support supports peak prostate health

Remember when we mentioned high DHT is one of the leading causes of unhealthy prostate growth? Often, men are advised to take pharmaceuticals that block DHT, but these drugs often come with side effects that affect sex drive and performance. 

The three plant-based DHT-blocking ingredients in Advanced Prostate Support naturally promote healthy prostate size without evidence of these side effects. 

Saw palmetto (320 mg) – A type of palm native to the southeastern United States that is one of the most researched and effective natural ingredients for promoting prostate health.

Clinical studies show saw palmetto may help prevent issues such as BPH and prostate cancer, improve urinary function, help balance testosterone levels and improve improve inflammatory response.2

One 24-week study in 354 men found that taking 320 mg of saw palmetto decreased symptoms of BPH and improved urinary flow, quality of life and sexual function compared with a placebo.3

Beta-sitosterol (125 mg) – Studies show saw palmetto is even more effective when combined with beta-sitosterol, a compound known for its potential role in prostate health due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.4

Clinical studies show taking 60-130 mg of beta-sitosterol by mouth can help improve symptoms of prostate gland enlargement (BPH).5

There is also evidence that beta-sitosterol may help reduce prostate swelling and urinary symptoms associated with BPH.

Pumpkin seed oil (100 mg) – A natural ingredient known to help inhibit 5-alpha-aromatase, an enzyme that can convert testosterone into DHT. Combined with saw palmetto, it is known to create a powerful multi-targeted approach that targets elevated DHT, the root cause of unhealthy prostate growth.

Further research suggests that taking pumpkin seeds or their products as supplements can help treat symptoms of an overactive bladder.

How Advanced Prostate Support supports bladder health

As mentioned earlier, research reveals another way to promote prostate health and improve urinary function. Advanced Prostate Support has powerful antioxidants that support a healthy inflammatory response for another level of protection for your prostate.

Stinging nettle – The potent plant sterols in this nutritious plant have been shown in some studies to significantly improve urinary symptoms in men struggling with unhealthy prostate growth.

Pygeum bark –  Another powerful source of plant sterols that may also help promote prostate health. Some studies suggest that this ingredient may help slow prostate cell growth.

Stinging nettle root and pygeum bark are both also clinically shown to help improve urinary flow and increase bladder capacity, therefore helping alleviate the urgency to “go” all the time. 

Ingredients in Advanced Prostate Support that support hormone regulation

Inno Supps also included trace minerals to help improve sex drive, sexual performance, muscle growth, energy and mental clarity for complete men’s health support.

Born –  A trace mineral clinically shown to help reduce SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) and increase free testosterone levels in men. Boron is also shown to help metabolize vitamins and minerals present in your diet, improving blood flow and contributing to overall health for men of all ages.6

Zinc – Another trace mineral known to help naturally boost testosterone and promote prostate health. Additionally, zinc is known to support a healthy immune system. 

Inno Supps Advanced Prostate Support is doctor approved

One thing that really impressed us is that Advanced Prostate Support is endorsed by physicians, one being a board-certified urologist:

“Advanced Prostate Support contains a carefully selected blend of seven natural ingredients that work synergistically to help target the source of unhealthy prostate growth, inhibit prostate cell growth and improve urinary function — without sacrificing physical performance or intimacy. I truly believe that Inno Supps has created a quality and natural product for men to achieve better prostate health.” –Dr. Anika Ackerman, MD.


Men shouldn’t wait until their prostate health begins intruding on their quality of life. Prostate health is important for all men to avoid future health complications down the road. 

Advanced Prostate Support by Inno Supps is hands down the most comprehensive natural blend we’ve seen to improve prostate health, urinary function and have a positive effect on male physical performance.

Click here to visit the Inno Supps website to learn more about the brand new Advanced Prostate Support and what it’s doing to help men prioritize prostate health.



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