Stirling Cooper: The passionate sex coach, driven to change men’s sex life for the better

He successfully runs his YouTube channel, where he enlightens men on the virtues of living an unapologetically masculine life.

The way a few industries and sectors have consistently developed and grown has made many people wonder about the reasons that might have led these industries to exponential growth. Well, there could be innumerable factors, including the technological advent and the rise of digital space; however, no one can deny the heavy contribution that a few professionals, experts, and individuals make in their industry through their incessant hard work, consistent efforts, and passion, which have led these sectors to incredible success. Doing that and much more as a sex coach and striving to change people’s mindsets for the better in the industry is one such amazing man, a passionate soul, and the #1 sex coach for men in the world named Stirling Cooper. He is an award-winning pornstar for a reason and is also considered a surrogate big brother to countless men worldwide who look up to him for their self-improvement journey and want to rediscover their masculine virtues.

As a highly experienced person in the industry and today as a sex coach and adult film star, Stirling Cooper says that he has helped improve the sex lives of thousands of men and even helped them achieve mastery in the bedroom. From gaining a degree in chemistry, working in Pharmaceuticals and the Oil/Gas industry for a few years, becoming a “swinger” having sex in front of groups of people, starting a food delivery business, pulling in over $500,000 in revenue in just a couple years, while at the night time working as a straight male escort in Australia, where it was legal, becoming an adult film star, to moving to the UK and then to the US to continue working as one of the most popular adult sex stars, working with the biggest porn websites on the planet and even getting nominated for a bunch of awards and winning some, he indeed came a long way.

Stirling Cooper always believed that he had much more to do in life, and so after achieving tremendously in the industry, he decided to impart his knowledge from around a decade of professional “lovemaking” to teach everyday guys how to be the best sex their partner has ever had and to help guys overcome the most common bedroom performance issues. Today Stirling Cooper is an award-winning Australian Pornographic Actor. He had begun his career in 2017 shooting for smaller studios based in Melbourne, Australia. He later moved to the UK and used his connections and networks to make it huge in the British Porn industry. Then, he decided to make waves in the US and did even that after getting picked by as one of their regular male talents and receiving numerous award nominations in his first year in the American porn scene.

Stirling Cooper, through his YouTube channel (, today makes sure to reach men worldwide and provide them with the best insights on sex and intimacy. Do find out more about him through Instagram @cooperstirling.

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