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From tiny acorns grow mighty oaks, and from one army veteran’s medicinal use of cannabis grew the seeds of what was to become a key player in the lifestyle industry – Stiiizy.

Founded in 2017 by Southern California native, James Kim, Stiiizy grew from humble beginnings as a vape brand to become a major name in the cannabis industry. Today, Stiiizy offers a full line of flower, edible and extract products and is renowned for reflecting the diversity, values, and culture of Kim’s beloved SoCal.

Kim explained, “‘Steez is skater slang for style and ease, and that’s where the name Stiiizy comes from. We wanted the company to have a sunshine drenched, end of the day, mellow and relaxed vibe. Being chilled yet focused is what we’re all about. We’re cool and sharp as opposed to being cool and sloppy.”

As you’d expect from a former soldier, Kim brings a disciplined and strong work ethic to everything he does. He was first introduced to cannabis whilst struggling with PTSD in the wake of a 13-month tour of Iraq. Cannabis helped him to maintain and sustain and also inspired Kim to begin a new chapter in his life and start his own cannabis brand.

“Entering the cannabis industry was definitely a leap of faith,” explained Kim, “But here we are three years later, and it’s paid off. The cannabis industry is very dynamic and in a state of total flux. That’s what makes it so challenging and also so exciting. We’re always looking for new ways to evolve and innovate.”

Alongside the cultivation, manufacture, and distribution of cannabis products, Stiiizy also produces a popular clothing range. Their shops have changed the landscape of cannabis retail, and customers are as likely to be puffing on one of their disposable vapes as they are to be wearing one of their eye-catching beanies.

Kim explained, “Stiiiizy is a lifestyle, not a corporation. I think our customers acknowledge this and want to identify with a brand that shares their values and concerns. We’ve been compared to the Apple of the cannabis industry and we’re always looking for new ways to deliver the ultimate experience.”

To celebrate their three years of riding high on a wave of ever-swelling popularity, Stiiizy is launching a range of products that includes everything from beach balls, skateboards, and $300 glass bongs.

Kid added, “The last three years have been one hell of a ride but you know, the real fun part of the adventure is just beginning. Stiiizy has already come a long way in such a short time but the trip’s far from over. Our latest range of exclusive products is just a way of celebrating the party to date.”


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