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With just wrapping up press for the NAACP Awards, Steven McCoy has no plans of slowing down now. We interviewed the Celebrity Journalist to see what he’s been up to. McCoy is working on his book titled “Sessions with Steven : The Lie I Almost Lived to Get Ahead” and is developing a TV series and has been working on perfecting the TV pilot script with the help of TV writer Todd Waldman (“Happy Endings, “Awkard”, Fox, Warner Brothers, MTV) via writingpadus.

When asked about what his show will be about he says “Yes! I’m so excited about the way the script is coming along. Nothing is 100% finalized, my fingers are crossed!(laughs) but myself and the home where my show will live are all very excited because it’s so different than anything that’s out there and most of all it’s needed! I’m so grateful and boiling with so much excitement, however, I must contain myself until further things are  substantiated as it takes a few years after a development deal because of course, you have to hire a whole production and casting also takes some time. Developing a TV project during a pandemic has it’s challenges but we are making it happen. This is just the thing I’ve always truly wanted to do. To share my life through creative writing”.

McCoy suffers from an eye disease “Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a rare eye disease that caused night blindness, he’s legally blind which has also caused Usher syndrome, loss of some of his hearing caused by impaired ability which is from the eye disease as they’re all connected. There is not yet any cure for this eye disease, however, Steven continues to use his platform to spread awareness while they are working hard to find a way to cure this eye disease.

Steven is the first black legally blind male Journalist. The life story of Steven McCoy is a saga of inspiration and there is a lot, people can learn from his life.Steven McCoy is a renowned personality in show business and globally known for his show called “Sessions with Steven”.

Although he has a successful career going on now, Steven faced some really hard times in his life. Steven had a tough childhood, he says “I enjoyed my childhood, some parts were hard such as being bullied by my peers a lot and having to grow up in a one-parent home, of course it was harder but I wouldn’t change a thing, it made me who I am today.”

Steven  faced a lot of discrimination in the world of entertainment but despite the difficulties Steven completed his school education and later graduated from Essex County College. Steven also did Media Arts, Minor Creative Writing course at NJCU (New Jersey City University). He started his career as an intern for Walt Disney, Florida. It was his hard work and dedication which made him a regular employee later, as he became an award winning Host for Radio Disney and even worked for Disney Theatrical Productions. Steven had a very successful career at Walt Disney and he often cites the highlight of his career as being inducted into Disney’s Alumni Association.

Life is all about moving forward and after realizing that his ambitions were much bigger than being just an employee, Steven opted for an independent career as a scriptwriter for popular Hip-Hop music video show titled “106th and Park” on BET network. After a script writing gig, Steven launched an entertainment Production Company titled Spoken Entertainment LLC. Spoken Entertainment LLC is known for its unique format of creative online content. Nowadays, Steven is fully dedicated to “Sessions with Steven” which is a one on one interview show featuring popular public figures. Steven McCoy is also involved with philanthropy work and regularly organizes charity events.

No date just yet on the release of memoir “Sessions with Steven: The Lie I Almost Lived To Get Ahead”. as he’s juggling several projects. We jokingly asked him about his love life , he smiled, laughed and said “I respectfully decline, it will all be in the book (laughs) and I promise you’ll understand more after reading.”

Steven hopes for healing the world post lockdown and pandemic. He wants to spread positivity among people through his life story. Steven’s show “Sessions with Steven” is available on iTunes. To learn more you can follow his IG: @stevenmccoy.

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