Steven Hooley Educating Others Through Mentorships

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All throughout history, people have required guidance, inspiration, and a perspective outside of their own in every venture one can seek. From the teacher and student relationships that were Plato and Aristotle, to the advisors and council of modern politics, you can always trace back to there being someone that has set a precedent for how things should be and then spreading that knowledge to further that field of expertise more and more quickly by helping others make expedited progress in whatever it is they do. In the world of entrepreneurship, it is no different.

Especially in business, it can be hard for anyone, whether just starting out, or being a seasoned expert to find their footing day after day. Luckily, having an experienced teacher who can teach you, open up your mind to opportunities you may be on the fence about, and even keep you accountable for your personal gripes and indiscretions are all but little and come in the form of success stories of people like Steven Hooley.

Steven Hooley is a technological innovator and business consultant who offers courses on every topic ranging from investing to social media management as well as having an extremely exclusive yet very advantageous private mentorship program. Hailing from Utah, a place where the 100 largest businesses of Utah range from industries like banking, all the way to airlines, with not a single tech company being in between, managed to overcome many of the clear challenges you’d imagine one would have to attempt to develop a thriving industry in a place where there virtually is none. Anyone in this position would give it their all and eventually become enveloped by the pressure of both learning the ins and outs of starting a new business, as well as educating themselves to keep up with the fast-paced world of tech, all while using everything they are learning in practical application to keep their business above water. Steven was fortunate enough to find a way around this

Steven Hooley describes his solution to these glaring trials “I think there are standard challenges people face like how to actually get started, how to price their products/services, how to get customers, how to scale, and so on. A lot of that is just easier if you find a good mentor.” Steven also highlights some of his personal challenges that consisted of issues such as having a relatable, yet destructive ego that eventually led to a detrimental sense of competition for other businesses in his field which severely constrained his development as an entrepreneur. Steven credits the overcoming of this issue, to having found a wise mentor that would ground him when he felt his ego was taking over and show him the freedom of keeping a humble mindset that he would go on to appreciate and be able to use in every facet of his life even outside of business.

Steven advocates that mentors can be valuable because they won’t only solve many of your problems on the professional side of things for you before you even understood it was a problem yourself, but they can also keep you evolving mentally and emotionally by being liable to keep those destructive emotions in check. Steven Hooley advocates finding and paying for a quality mentor if you even have the slightest feeling that you do not know what you’re doing-especially in something as complex and everchanging as a business. Steven Hooley believes that any serious and aspiring business owner should “Pay their price, and get ahead. If you want to go faster, get a mentor for sure. A mentor can definitely help you avoid the pitfalls everybody experiences while learning. And be prepared to pay for their time! A good one usually doesn’t come cheap. You always get what you pay for”.

Having garnered the success, experience, and expertise that he has, Steven has taken a page from his own master’s book and decided to open up and take on his own forms of teaching practice. With a desire and focus on educating other aspiring entrepreneurs by way of developing his own mentorship program, consultation, and coaching, he has decided to project his own learned values onto the world of tech and business to show that anything is possible, and sometimes success can be reached with just a single phone call to someone you, look up to, trust, and have proven every ideal they hand down so you don’t have to do it yourself.


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