Steven Dorn on the Power of Strong Personal Connections

Younger entrepreneurs often struggle to stand out among the more seasoned people in their fields. One thing that helps young entrepreneurs is seeing the importance of strong personal connections early on. Personal connections require an entrepreneur to have a certain type of charisma, a quality that has lead Steven Dorn to success in his many ventures. Dorn is the founder and CEO of XYZ Media, a company that manages musicians and acts as a VC firm.

Dorn says that his strength in networking and making connections with others is the main reason for his success. He knew from an early age the importance of exceeding expectations of his clients and those he works with, which results in repeat business and trusted clientele. Dorn has many strengths, some of which include entrepreneurship, scouting talent and his strong social media skills. He has worked with A-list celebrities and other top tier individuals, including Bryson Tiller, Yo Trane and Pink Sweat$.

During the challenging months of the pandemic, Dorn was crucial in forming necessary relationships between the artists he manages and the brands or people needed to keep a healthy income in a time when many others in the industry were struggling financially. Now that the industry is starting to return to a sense of normalcy, Dorn is eager to diversify his portfolio of clients even further. As for XYZ Media, he chose to keep a mysterious profile regarding the company, and he tends to avoid traditional marketing strategies. The company does not even have a website.

For Dorn, industry events are one of the best ways to find the next big star. He also believes that time is money and does not like to focus on small talk when networking. He utilizes his time in a meaningful way in order to benefit himself and his clients. By taking a look at Dorn’s Instagram, it is evident that he is dedicated to attending events and networking. He focuses on personal conversations that are meaningful and go far beyond strictly business. Maintaining these powerful relationships can lead to life-changing outcomes and success, just as it has for Dorn.

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