For half a decade, one of Stanbridge University’s signature initiatives has been environmental rehabilitation, and now, in direct response to the wildfire devastation in Southern California, Stanbridge University has begun planting 10,000 trees in locations across Southern California, through the Stanbridge Root for Change Tree Planting Initiative.

With the help of committed partner Shadetree Nursery, who has been providing native vegetation at no cost for the entire initiative, the students and staff of the university have been steadily promoting community growth through the planting and stewardship of shade trees in Southern California.

In 2019, 540 trees and plants were planted in the Orange County community. 166 were planted in the City of Irvine, 359 planted in the City of Newport Beach, and 15 planted in the City of Santa Ana.

On average, one tree produces upwards of 260 pounds of oxygen a year – the oxygen produced by an acre of trees can sustain 18 people per year. In addition to supplying air, one acre of trees will also remove an estimated 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

In 2020, Stanbridge University planted 222 in the City of Newport Beach, making their contribution to the environmental wellness of their community in 2019 and 2020 a total of 762 plants!

The Root for Change project is part of the larger outREACH initiative offered at Stanbridge University. Through signature initiatives, such as environmental rehabilitation, food security, disability community advocacy, childhood literacy and animal welfare advocacy, students broaden their perspective and sharpen skills. They develop an uncommon lens of compassion that will become the foundation of their education, character, and future career.

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