Spume NFT Marketplace Puts Blockchain Technology in the Hands of All

As the world continues to move towards decentralization, more and more people are realizing that blockchain technology is one of the most revolutionary developments in recent history. It becomes much easier with a decentralized system for any individual or company to transact with others without going through a centralized intermediary. That means greater efficiency and transparency, as well as making transactions less expensive. Spume NFT Marketplace, a community-owned platform, makes this dream possible for many businesses.

“Here at Spume, being a community-owned organization, we believe in giving power back to the people,” says the Spume leadership. “When the people hold the power, rather than single individuals wielding all the power, that’s when we will see a giant shift in the world’s consciousness.”

Spume’s mission is to drive change by making blockchain technology mainstream and transforming how traditional industries conduct business. Unlike most existing NFT marketplaces that consider themselves “niche,” Spume seeks to empower investors from all backgrounds to tokenize and trade their assets. The marketplace is open to everyone from any background, from real estate to digital artwork. As the business landscape changes, Spume’s leadership believes blockchain will solve most of the problems experienced today, which is why they want everyone to join their platform.

For instance, in the music industry, the team observes that the payment of royalties is still a challenge today. Spume’s hopes to standardize licensing, giving creators more power over their work and eliminating intermediaries. That way, the creator will have more flexibility and monetize their art more efficiently. Spume will also help artists and creators market their work and gain more exposure. This will help creators not only gain notoriety faster but also contribute to the project holders’ financial success.

Being a community-owned platform, the fees charged on the Spume marketplace will be redistributed to all shareholders equitably. “All revenue generated from the marketplace’s transaction fees will be given directly back to Spume token holders proportional to the amount of Spume the individuals have,” reads the project’s whitepaper in part. This incentivizes not only the community but also provides continued funding for future developments.

Despite the upsurge in the number of NFT marketplaces that claim “decentralized” status, various reports show that many platforms operate on a centralized model, with a few people calling the shots. It’s different for the Spume community because token holders directly control the marketplace and all development decisions with a governance system unlike anything ever seen before.

To ensure every community member benefits equally, developers of the Spume platform have put several measures in place, including forming a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO will be responsible for any future changes and developments on the platform through a voting system. If there’s a proposed change, shareholders will all have an equally weighted vote regardless of the number of Spume tokens they hold. Shareholders will also be able to add and remove members of the DAO as they see fit. Spume’s leadership hopes to create a truly democratic platform where everyone feels seen and respected.

As the platform grows, they also hope to impact more people from all backgrounds, helping them monetize their skills and improve their lives. The team believes everyone is a creator, and it’s about giving them the tools they need to succeed. Their mission is to do exactly that, helping change countless lives in the process.


LA Weekly