SPR8 Makes Creating THC Edibles And Cocktails Easy!

If you’ve been looking for a way to spice up your food and drink, SPR8 is going to be your new best friend. The research and development team behind it aims to help cannabis and hemp enthusiasts like yourself consume Delta 8 in a more enjoyable way. And by George, they’ve done it! We’ve tried it ourselves and found that SPR8 makes creating THC edibles and cocktails easier than ever before – just in time for the holidays. 

Wonder what SPR8 is and how it works? We answer some frequently asked questions about SPR8 below:

What Is SPR8

SPR8 is a highly concentrated Delta 8 THC spray. It is formulated with MCT oil and works best (visually) in recipes/foods that appear wet, moist, shiny, etc… The unflavored version, called FIERCE, is near odorless/tasteless to minimize impact on flavor and smell.  Fortifying traditional cannabis edible and cannabis infusion recipes is made easy with this product.

SPR8 goes great with:

  • Hot Food- Meats, Fish, Seafood, Poultry, Vegetables
  • Cold Dishes- Salads, Sandwiches, Sushi (direct and via soy sauce infusion)
  • Baked Items and Confectionery- Pizza, Lasagna, Cookies, Cakes, Sweets
  • Beverages- Milkshakes, Coffee, Cocktails
  • Desserts- Ice Cream, Mousses, Custards

How To Use SPR8

Carefully aim your bottle at your intended food or drink target and spray. If you choose to use it as an oral spray, infuse a beverage, cocktail or food please familiarize yourself with edible dosing. Unlike traditional spray bottles, this bottle’s sprayer features a special chamber that shrinks as it is being consumed allowing you to use it at virtually any angle/tilt; a small bubble may be present in the fluid chamber and does not affect function/potency.

SPR8 works as a tincture or mouth spray. Spray it sublingually, then wait 1-2 minutes before swallowing. Effects are usually felt within 15-45 minutes. SPR8 is highly concentrated, so please use it with caution and don’t consume it in excess.

How Potent Is SPR8? 

SPR8 is available at different potency levels. The V.90B series is meant for veteran THC users and the ST1X is designed for more mainstream consumption. Onset time is typically 15-45 minutes when used as an oral spray, and 30-90 minutes when used to infuse an edible. Do not exceed ONE SPRAY when first consuming. Wait 1-2 hours before re-dosing. Use with caution. 

Things To Know

SPR8 is fragile, so we recommend you handle your bottle with care. Keep it in a cool dry place and away from sunlight. Do not refrigerate, freeze, heat or microwave the spray bottle’s contents and the container. Extreme temperatures can cause your container to crack, melt or fail; it can also reduce potency – store between 50-85°F/10-30°C to maintain best results.

SPR8’s main ingredient, Delta 8, may cause strong psychoactive effects in some individuals. It is not meant for treating any illnesses and cannot be considered as medicine. While Delta 8 has been studied for decades, the long term effects of its use are not fully known. Do not use it while pregnant, nursing, performing essential work, driving/operating heavy machinery or vehicles. Keep it out of reach and away from children.

Is It Safe?

Is SPR8 safe? It is when you use it right! Here is what you should not do: 

SPR8 cannot be used to infuse or spray “flower or bud” in an attempt to add THC for smoking. It is not intended to be combusted or vaporized in any way for inhalation. It is meant to be taken in edible form or sublingually as a tincture. Intentional misuse by inhaling this product or any product containing MCT oil can result in serious respiratory injury. 

Is It Lab Tested?

All Delta 8 distillate and ingredients used to produce SPR8 are lab tested and analyzed for content, potency and impurities/contaminants. For transparency, you can scan the QR code located on your SPR8 container to view the latest certificate of analysis.  

Where To Buy SPR8

You can find and try SPR8 for yourself by shopping online here

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