Hey, it’s Tommy Chong with my LA Weekly Favorite! One of the best things that I love to do is sit back and relax at home with an app called ​Hempire​ – it’s basically about running an empire, but with our beloved hemp.

Instead of playing the spender, you can now play the dealer! If you’ve ever thought about getting more familiar with the cannabis industry, thought about growing your own bud, or wondered what it’s like to sell some hemp – this is the ​mobile weed game​ for you. You can now do all that in the safety of your own phone!

Even if you have absolutely no knowledge of how weed is grown or distributed, you can learn a lot about it in the game. The game teaches you how to breed strains, how much to water when to trim – it’s the most detailed lesson you could get outside of interning for me, man!

 All the strains in the game are named after real-world strains which is great because it helps you become a connoisseur of cannabis! They even show you which two strains you could mix together to make a hybrid, man! The game isn’t just about growing dope and selling it – there’s a story to follow up on with your character as you grow and get deeper into the game. There are tasks that need to be done, deadlines that need to be made, and people you don’t want to disappoint – it’s like a real job, man – just way more fun and way safer.

I really like the transition scenes when they’re introducing more characters to us because they look like comic book scenes. You’ve got the bad guy, your buddy, your friend down the street, the repair girl and more. The game has cops that keep their eye on the hemp growers, they make sure they get licensed and that’s important in real life too if you want to do that, man. (Trust me on that.) I dig the background music and sound effects – especially the breeding, man!

The more ​pot​ you grow, the more you sell, which means you make more money! If you’re short on cash, then you can go around the city and collect some by fixing potholes and repairing stuff. You’ll never have to play alone – just join an Enterprise and play with friends to compete up the leaderboards in time-limited train delivery events! There’s even a forum called the Cafe where you can just chat with other Hemperors about the game, or cannabis, or just life. Some really chill folks in there!

It’s really easy to lose track of time and play it ‘til the sun rises. Some people might think it might be bad or something to have an app that shows you how to grow bud in a comic way, but it’s what we need to educate everyone about cannabis.

It’s a great app to have if you’re just bored, want to try something new, or just enjoy growing hemp safely and for fun. Remember if you know nothing about weed, just play my ​Hempire​ and then you will organically learn everything about Hemp by having fun – it’s one of my favorites! Follow Hempire on ​Instagram​ and ​Facebook​ and ​download it for FREE on mobile​!

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