SpaceNTime Is Getting into His Own as a Stand-Alone Music Producer

Music moves people, creates communities, and also improves mental health. For decades, the music industry has gifted the world talent that has entertained generations. However, modern music can often lack the originality that once immortalized artists. This is where SpaceNTime steps in as a music producer, introducing a wave of fresh music and unique sounds that enthralls listeners like never before. Popularly known as Spacey, this music producer from Los Angeles, CA, has been storming the hip-hop scene for some time now.

SpaceNTime is a seasoned artist with a strong resume that boasts several smash hits to his production credit. Tired of being tied to music labels, Spacey launched his independent music production agency and never looked back. As an independent producer, Spacey has recently accomplished a milestone in his career by signing a co-publishing/songwriting deal with Opposition Music Company. The deal will give him all the freedom he needs to show off his music production skills and creative best.

Initially, Spacey was initially offered an advance by the company, which he decided to turn down. He chose to sign a two-year deal instead, which he believes will scale his career to the next level. The artist is optimistic about some major placements on the horizon but wants to keep everything a secret as of now.

Gifted with a natural talent to feel and compose music from a very young age, Spacey shot to fame in only a couple of years. He is best known as a West Coast music producer with some chart-topping hits to his name. Within 2 years of starting his journey into the music production scene, Spacey earned 3 plaques, 2 with iTunes and one with Billboard. His songs ranked #4 and #14 on iTunes’ top 40 hip-hop albums. Soon enough, Spacey has gained millions of streams and views across different social media platforms.

To date, Spacey has worked with many top artists in the music industry. He has also launched many promising talents in the music scene. Currently, he is working with one of the hottest music artists from Stinc Team. Getting the publishing deal has further cemented his position in the industry, making way for more exciting projects with the artists he is working with or will work with. With this deal, Spacey will finally get what has long been owed.

The road to success for Spacey, from a newbie in the industry to one of the top music producers, was not easy. He had to work hard and overcome several challenges to get to where he is today. Becoming distinguished in this extremely saturated space and consistently surviving against the competition has helped Spacey grow as an artist. Today he is a one-man production company where he writes, records, and even markets his projects.

Spacey is primarily known in the mainstream music industry and stands out compared to his contemporaries. While critics have tried to weigh him down several times, Spacey has managed to shine through with his original sound and refined sense of music. This new co-publishing and songwriting deal will further materialize his plans, giving him the opportunity to create to his heart’s content.

LA Weekly