If one had to narrow down to two American cities that dominate the entertainment, social, business, and fashion space, they are without a doubt Los Angeles and New York. The east and west coasts have long had a dueling competitive nature, with residents of the respective cities standing behind their location with wit, memes, pop culture and references ranging from the weather to the sex appeal of locals. However, the real flex is being bicoastal—a digital nomad, but without the dusty Patagonia gear. Sourabh Sharma, a modern-day Renaissance man, is part of this elite group. With some of his various businesses operating in both coveted cities, he finds himself commuting (pun intended) between Los Angeles and New York throughout the year from corporate conferences in the sunny coast to  when fashion week comes around and the glitterati flock to chic city events.

Sourabh led a cosmopolitan life from an early age which combined with a prestigious international education, at the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton Business School and the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands, instilled an affinity for unconventional lifestyles and thinking outside the box. Sourabh’s bicoastal marketing venture is FIG or out—a play on “figure it out,” which embodies the company’s ingenuity and outside the box thinking. Like a true cosmopolitan resident, and a citizen of the world, he always had a natural knack for deriving insights and market trends which led to forming the agency, which is a hybrid of digital, social, brand, and creative marketing. “The customization and anti-cookie-cutter approach gives it a branding nuance that is often lacking in more automated growth marketing,” notes Sourabh. “Find your way or fade away.” His arsenal of tools and innovative ideas brings new life and success to the company’s Los Angeles and New York offices, where client satisfaction is a no-brainer. West coast vegan beauty brands and culinary juice or superfood startups have enjoyed his creative-fueled analytics, as have east coast apparel, makeup and tech brands, which is displayed in his public keynote talks. Much like the once bustling metropolises, the company had to adapt to the past year’s changes. “Evolve or become extinct,” is the mantra Sourabh operates from, and it’s precisely what helped him pivot and thrive under unprecedented circumstances.

Acting as a food critic in both cities, Sourabh has cemented Los Angeles, with its rising culinary scene, as a pivotal city for conscientious travelers on his travel startup Dot & Pin. Highlighting women-owned spots like Olivetta and Pizzana, gastronomical favorites like Destroyer in Culver City, along with local haunts and the likes of The Beverly Hills Hotel or Mr C, he ensures that the West Coast is aptly balanced with the Michelin star experience of New York, summarized on his food Instagram and luxury travel site. His love for the two cities helped inspire the young entrepreneur to delve into Print All Over Me, a leading on-demand print fashion and custom clothing brand which emphasizes having a hand in designing your outfit. “It is a segway that allows for customization with all of its creativity, alongside the commerce side of scalability,” explains Sourabh. PAOM has evolved into a collaborative community in both cities, where it thrives off of its surroundings and the creatives that inhabit them.

What does Sourabh love most about LA? “The energy. Your energy is your greatest currency. Also, the weather which affects outdoor activities and my OOTD. And the fact that when communicating with the world, the day feels longer and productive as we are one of the last time zones!” Find him spotting hidden gems in Abbot Kinney, critiquing a new rooftop in Downtown LA, clinking bespoke cocktail glasses at a hotspot of Beverly Hills, driving at a leisurely pace to Malibu in an attempt to find a secluded hike, or gulping down a vegan macadamia nut milk matcha latte in West Hollywood. To learn more about Sourabh’s multi-faceted and bicoastal businesses, and to catch his reviews of hot spots, hidden gems, and general trends across Los Angeles, New York, and other popular destinations, follow him on Instagram and on his site 3FS Lifestyle.

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