Sophie Chalk Blends Old and New Aesthetics to Create Timeless Art

Natural Configuration 2

Art has always been an important aspect of our lives. It helps us to express our emotions better and communicate our ideas. Art is also an excellent way to pass down knowledge from one generation to another. But with art comes dynamicity; it evolves, and while this is a good thing, though it has drawbacks, especially for traditional art lovers. Sophie Chalk may have created a solution/bridge to these two worlds. Sophie is a contemporary art photographer and portrait artist based in the US and an alumnus of Parsons School of Design in New York. With Chalk’s major focus on blending old and new aesthetics, she creates art that caters to traditional and modern art lovers.

Sophie’s unique ability to seamlessly blend old and new world aesthetics has helped them cement their spot in the brutally competitive industry, attracting a lot of public attention. Sophie Chalk’s portraiture works have been displayed at global galleries and exhibitions including Melbourne, Pingyao, New York, Adelaide, and Minneapolis. Each portrait in the series Natural Configuration carries the unique queer story of both subject and photographer, and as such every image stands out. Chalk’s work is powered by the notion that photography can be a force for social engagement and change. Employing it in both lens-based practice and camera-less methods to comment on issues faced in contemporary life.

They are giving the LGBTQIA+ community a voice, showcasing a world where queerness can exist without shame, all while challenging the images the world holds as historical records. Chalk adopts methods from authentic 19th-century photography processes (considered among the hardest in contemporary practice) to camera-less techniques like botanical printing to bring this message to life.

Sophie’s portfolio features falsified archives of queer bodies, while they also create ephemeral fiber pieces, created by (mis)using museum-grade chemistry.

Chalk has created several masterpieces, including Ghost of a Plant, inspired by the 2019 Australian bushfires. Preceded by Landscape Alchemy, the first of Chalk’s projects to highlight and adopt the alchemic and transformative language from the Australian landscape. Chalk is also the brains behind the series Natural Configuration.

According to Chalk, their goal is to create photographic art that encourages social engagement and critical viewing. Examining the role of photography in the contemporary landscape as a medium that has the potential to invite society to re-see and witness the world around them again.

Chalk says they have just launched an art and education podcast ArtLust Podcast with art historian Seema Rao. Discussing the big and little ‘A’ art worlds, creating educational content on Tiktok and interviewing working artists. The first episode of the ArtLust Podcast launched on January 1st and has already entered the Art charts on Apple Podcasts in Australia.

Sophie Chalk is reviving old Hollywood aesthetics and bridging the gap between traditional and modern art. Their work redefines contemporary photographic practice and even seeks to transform people’s perspective of how they see the world. Still, with tireless motivation, Sophie is creating new works for Ghost of a Plant and Landscape Alchemy, simultaneously building their brand and reach. Chalk’s dream is to see their portraiture work in more editorials and galleries, fusing old world aesthetics with contemporary fashion.

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