Some Infallible Tips on How to Make Your Company Stick out like a Sore Thumb

Business coach and PR manager Matthius Hanna gives you important tips on how to build a successful PR strategy that will get people noticed

Every company wants one thing above all else, to be known. Studies show that sales increase almost as if by themselves when the brand has a certain level of awareness and virtually “advertises itself”. But how do you achieve this level of awareness of global brands as we know them today? Many well-known companies have managed to become popular even without social media, but that’s only because they were founded long before Facebook, Instagram & co. Nowadays, no one can afford to do without these channels. And how you can use them to set up a really successful PR strategy is what I want to tell you in this article.

Developing your personality is key

Many companies fail in their bid to get into the media, even though they actually have a good product in their portfolio. That’s a shame. Did I say this is bad? Well, for them it might be, but for you it’s a huge opportunity, namely to jump right into the gap that the others offer you. Most people don’t know that the key to successful PR lies in developing your personality.

Building up your courage

You’ve decided to start a business. This is already a decisive step that you certainly wouldn’t have taken without daring to do certain things. Courage is an essential part of entrepreneurial thinking and, above all, of entrepreneurial success. I know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re interested in how I went from being a boring dupe to a successful PR coach, just google my name and the “100 Day Challenge”.

No tears for fears

This challenge taught me that the key to success, in private as well as in professional life, is overcoming fears. Today, I observe time and again that many companies disappear into oblivion because their PR work is not bold enough. The omnipresence of social media has ensured that the barrier to entry into online marketing has fallen. Conversely, this means that people’s attention spans are getting smaller and smaller. What you need, therefore, is a lurid PR campaign that immediately catches the eye and captures people’s attention. It should be clear to you that you can’t achieve this goal with the fearful motto “don’t stick out like a sore thumb”.

Your mindset needs to be right in place

So what you need is an absolutely fearless campaign. Your content should be wild, undisciplined, but at the same time pure – mind you without hurting anyone. If you feel that fear plays a role at any point, then something is wrong. But it’s not just the campaign as such that’s important, as it’s really only a kind of shell. The mindset behind it must also be coherent. Even a naturally timid person can come up with a bold campaign if there is a creative mind behind it. But in today’s business, it is important to appear courageous in all matters, which also includes negotiations with business partners, authorities, etc. Are you an anxious person? There is nothing wrong with that in itself, as long as you are willing to change something about it. My example shows that anyone who has the courage for such a change can succeed.

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