Hating Dave Eggers

Re “Away We Go: An Unaffecting Work of Staggering Vacuity,” by Scott Foundas (June 5):

This is a brilliant illumination of the reasons why all right-thinking, wised-up people should hate Dave Eggers. I can’t wait to read what Foundas thinks when he actually reviews the film.

—Comment by Herman from L.A.


Howling at the Wolf Moon

Re “Three Wolf Moon Tee Shirt: A Challenger Arises — The Ten Crazy Kitten Shirt,” By Gendy Alimurung (June 1):

What is wrong with all of you people? Do you not know the power of the three wolf moon shit? Let me lay some knowledge on your asses.

It was a cold day in December when I first laid eyes on this amazing piece of wardrobe. Instantly I could feel like I was the fourth wolf. I had to have this shirt. So I purchased it as soon as I could. I waited for two weeks, passing the time by playing Xbox 360 and having a quick conversation with my mom whenever she would come to my end of the trailer. Then it arrived.

I knew as soon as I touched the package, I could feel the power surge through my body. I was just like the wolf, a beautiful creature but cunning and ready to strike whenever need be. I put the shirt on and began the trek through the trailer park to the Denny’s. I knew I would be able to stalk my prey. It was at that time when I saw that we’re no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I. A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of. You wouldn’t get this from any other guy. I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling, gotta make you understand. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

—Comment by Streko


Howling About Gay Marriage

Re “Setting the (Gay) Wedding Table: Wiser, more diffuse, battle-savvy gay-rights groups craft a 2010 ballot measure for California,” by Patrick Range McDonald (June 5):

Both I and, I’m sure, a lot of other misplaced gays who want action (and bloody revenge) in 2010 want to know: Who is leading the efforts? There are way too many individual groups out there doing their own thing. Courage, EQCA, MEUSA and Yes on Equality (which already has a 2010 ballot measure started). We need unity and a coalition! If we stay divided because every group wants to be the next Harvey Milk, we’re going to get ours handed to us again.

We should also most definitely have community oversight this time. The community has to be part of the show so that we don’t lose our focus. We absolutely cannot repeat the same mistakes, ignore crucial voters and ignore that we are gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. We have to be honest to our voters about our families and how Prop. 8 hurt us. No hiding behind obscure messages. We can accomplish so much together. We share the common purpose. Now is the time. No A-Gay bureaucracy. Unity.

—Comment by Dexter T from San Diego


This whole marriage debate is just pointless. If religious nuts and profamily goons are upset at the prospect of gays having sex or relationships, they ought to be 100 percent in favor of gay marriage: There is no better way to stop folks from having sex than to get them married off. As if their special marriage will even last. With divorce, adultery and abuse at an all-time high, marriage is already on the skids, gays or not. The right wing’s pet cause of traditional marriage is threatened much more by the constant parade of preachers and politicos getting busted for having doped-up sex with hustlers and children. And if any modern gay couple actually believes that their relationship will be validated/fulfilled/saved by a piece of paper or by taking archaic vows before a priest, they’re no smarter than their breeder opponents. Couples can make a lifelong commitment to each other without even leaving home. If you need a ceremony, go to Burning Man for chrissakes. Legal issues, wills, tax breaks? Hire an attorney, sign contracts, create a joint living trust. Family won’t accept your partner? Welcome to married life, pal. Bottom line: Marriage is incompatible with human nature and should be banned by law, just as human slavery was. Sheeesh. It’s the 21st century already.

—Comment by Randy from Hollywood


A truly excellent article that illustrates the vital role the “fourth estate” plays in political and civic life. McDonald really distills and focuses on the issues and situations facing those of us who want to regain our civil rights here in California. We have been dehumanized and turned into political footballs while becoming the most profitable fundraising scapegoats the right wing has.

These power trips and money battles of people like Kors and the Gay and Lesbian Center’s Lori Jean are something we just can’t afford anymore. The cost of serving their petty egos is just too high, in both human misery and scarce dollars. They need to, as an old and wise friend used to say, “get their egos in order” and become team players.

—Comment by Miki Jackson from L.A.


It’s very disturbing that such a lengthy article doesn’t even once correctly name its subject matter. Can you explain to me what a “gay marriage” is? Because I know plenty of same-sex couples who are married to each other and not a single one of them is in a “gay marriage.” They’re in a marriage. Period. We’re not fighting for “gay marriage.” We’re fighting for marriage. Are bisexual couples supposed to be in “gay” marriages, too? Or couples where one or both partners are transgender? This is not a trivial point, this is the entire point.

What we’re going to establish in California is marriage equality so that all eligible couples have the freedom to marry. That’s it. To call it anything else — anything it is not — is to deliberately play into anti-equality propaganda.

—Comment by Kurt M.

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