“Social media is an essential part of our marketing success.” Tiki Madman 

Tiki Madman

The internet has leveled the playing field. Businesses, which once upon a time had no reason and no way to exist next to each other, today are competing for the same audience. And the core of this shift is the emergence of social media. The smartphone is the weapon of choice of competing markets that are now doing everything in their power to appeal to the ever-changing sensibilities of the new market. Yet, social media is potent. And as Tiki Madman’s success shows, it’s valuable to make it a part of one’s marketing outreach. In this article, Tiki Madman explains how social media became an essential part of its success.

When Tiki Madman decided to go online, it was never a question of ‘why’ social media but ‘how.’ Talking about how it all started, Tiki Madman says, “We came into the world right at the peak of social media. That’s not to say it’s no longer peaking but about a time when its peak was becoming more and more apparent. Everyone we knew was on social media. Everyone we liked saw as competitors and alliances and, most importantly, as our target group; social media had become a cohesive ground where all these different worlds collided and co-existed. We knew we had to stand out. It’s not easy to get yourself heard above the din today or be sought after in a fog of innumerable brands and companies. So, we decided to capitalize on traditional wisdom and apply it in a modern context. We started defining our USP, what made us stand out, and soon it naturally forayed into where we’ll find those who’ll value specifically what we had to offer. Once these preliminary rounds were completed, it was a matter of packaging. Interestingly, and in hindsight, luckily, we decided to share our growth journey with our TG. We weren’t sure of how they’d respond, but it turns out that people love stories. They love how regular people overcome big challenges, and that’s exactly what we were doing. Thanks to social media, we have created a rich memory bank for us, which also turns into data that we can analyze to speculate and make targeted conjectures about customer response to a new product.”

Social media is the perfect melting pot of audio and video with an emphasis on storytelling. Tiki Madman’s team also capitalized on the 60-second format of storytelling and found it incredibly useful for their brand’s presence and growth. Talking about it, Tiki Madman says, “The short video form was a revelation. It allowed us to tell our story and reach out to more people than ever before. Of course, it requires presentation, orchestration, and a sense of staying in line with the USP. But once that was in the pocket, we found people being enthusiastic about our stories. So much so that they started sharing our stories with the hashtags #inspiring, #smallgobig, #challengesovercome, and more. This further added to our growth.”

Tiki Madman has much to thank social media for, along with their how instead of why approach.

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