Social Media Expert and CEO of Viral Press Agency, Cody Cruz, Shares His Journey to Success

Digital marketing has become an indispensable promotional technique for brands to connect with their target customers. With its extensive reach and growing popularity among all demographics, digital marketing is currently the most efficient marketing tool for businesses to grow their online presence. However, this increasing demand for digital marketing has also made this space competitive for any new brand to find traction. This is where Cody Cruz is helping brands, businesses, and influencers stand out through his digital marketing company Viral Press Agency.

Born and raised in California, Cody has always found the digital world fascinating. He loved exploring social media, and that is how he decided to pursue a career in it. Cody started his journey with a management company where he got to learn the basics of digital and social media marketing. After gaining considerable experience in that field, Cody moved on to start his company Viral Press Agency.

As the name suggests, Viral Press Agency is a digital marketing firm that helps businesses and individuals find traction on the internet through viral content. The company has a proven track record of creating social media awareness through a range of services that includes talent management, social media marketing, content creation, social media account management, voiceovers, and more. Viral Press Agency uses top-notch technology and foolproof strategy to bring measurable results to the client.

Viral Press Agency has offered services to prominent celebrities, brands, influencers, and businesses across all sectors. Cody, through his company, has helped many start-ups become globally renowned brands. The success that he enjoys today did not come easily to him. The young entrepreneur struggled throughout the initial phase of his career to build trust among his clients and be recognized for his skills in this highly competitive space.

Cody started by offering free services to some of the brands just to prove his skills and knowledge. As his popularity started growing through word-of-mouth promotions by his clients, Cody began branching out his services. Today, Viral Press Agency is counted among the fastest-growing companies in this industry. Cody has leveraged his knowledge and experience in the field to drive visible results for his clients.

Viral Press Agency offers services that rank high on the pecking orders among digital marketing agencies. It offers brands captivating online content that provides enduring value on the internet. Most importantly, Viral Press Agency stands out in the market because of its wide array of services that go beyond social media awareness. The company develops websites, manages public relations, and also helps brands grow their presence through press releases.

Presently, Cody and his team are managing a total of 100 million followers on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok combined. The company is helping clients create brand deals, promotional posts, and marketing ads. Going forward, the company will further expand its services by branching out to other digital marketing channels. Cody’s goal is to see Viral Press Agency becoming a one-stop solution for brands and individuals seeking to grow their online presence. Considering his progress so far, it is only a matter of time before his dreams become a reality.

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