Here we are: nearing the end of summer with social distancing guidelines still in effect and no clear sign of them going away anytime soon.

While it’s definitely been a tough adjustment, many of us have managed to find some silver-linings. These include anything from having more time spent with family,  reconnecting with nature, or taking some much-needed space to reflect upon what we truly need moving forward.

Social distancing has come with its own set of needs, such as certain protective products and even safety practices. Luckily, we’ve had the time to uncover the best and most necessary social distancing must-haves as we finish out one of Los Angeles’ most unique summers ever.

1. FDA-approved hand sanitizer. Since March, hand sanitizer has been a tough commodity to come by. Thankfully, there is now a safe and reliable brand to turn to. palmpalm™ created a cruelty-free, FDA-approved hand sanitizing product made right here in the USA. It’s available in a variety of sizes and formats. Pop palmpalm’s travel-sized gel in your car, purse, or pocket for all of your errand-running, public door-opening, and elevator button-pushing needs. Spritz palmpalm’s liquid hand sanitizing spray for fast peace of mind after that unexpected handshake from your neighbor or friend. Or, if you’re more of a traditionalist, snag some palmpalm gel hand sanitizer in a pump dispenser. Bonus: unlike other brands that reek of alcohol, palmpalm hand sanitizers have a refreshing cucumber melon scent. Finally, a huge reason palmpalm is the hand sanitizer brand of choice: it is actually reliable, always in-stock, and easily available via

Both photos credited to Alexa Erickson, @living_by_lex

2. A set of masks. You can now officially add “mask” to your checklist when leaving the house. This simple accessory is one of the most effective tools to use to protect yourself against the coronavirus during this pandemic. More specifically, medical-grade procedural masks are more effective than cloth. You can grab a 50-pack box of disposable, triple-layered masks that are FDA and CE approved at If you choose to buy cloth masks instead, the best types are ones that provide a few layers of protection, fit snugly around the face and under the chin, and are machine washable. Ideally, you’ll want to wash these mask after every use, so it’s wise to have several on hand.

3. An LA County library card. With no movie theaters, no concerts, no bars, and no nightclubs to attend, you’ll need some extra at-home entertainment. Your library card can grant you access to a variety of free resources straight to your television, tablet, or other mobile device. With library apps like Hoopla and Kanopy, you can “borrow” a wide range of eBooks, audiobooks, movies, and music on demand and at no cost. Additionally, some LA area libraries are offering curbside pickup, so be sure to check your local book haunt.

4. Hand sanitizing wipes. Yes, you absolutely need both gel or liquid hand sanitizer and wipes. Made with palmpalm’s same fast-acting formula, these disposable hand sanitizing wipes are perfect for social distancing gatherings. This is also a great option for the kiddos who are always bouncing around and need a quick wipe down. The wipes are available in 3, 6, and 12-packs on palmpalm’s website and on Amazon.

5. Proper skin protection. Hand sanitizers and masks aren’t the only protective products necessary duringa socially distanced Los Angeles summer. With more time spent outdoors (we hope), it’s important to have a reliable broad-spectrum sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher to protect against sun damage and lower your risk of getting skin cancer. On especially sunny or warm days, it also helps to wear protective clothing and an effective mosquito repellent for al fresco evenings.

With all of these “must-haves” in tow, we can’t guarantee a completely “normal” LA summer, but we can promise one that’s a little safer, a little more relaxed, and hopefully a bit more fun.


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