Sneaker Enthusiast, Kyle Ventura, Takes His Business to New Heights

Almost everyone under the sun has a dream but not everyone dares to pursue it. Attempting to achieve your dream and encountering obstacles along the way is a more remarkable achievement than never attempting to pursue it at all. Kyle Ventura is a seventeen-year-old American entrepreneur who pursued his dream of achieving success at a young age. Today, he is the CEO of two flouring sneaker businesses: Just Four Kicks and Bozo Chat.

Although Kyle’s business started more as a hobby by selling used Yeezy sneakers, he has now built a successful business out of his passion for sneakers. During the lengthy COVID shutdown, he spent significant hours learning all he could about reselling sneakers on the social media platform, Discord. He regularly networked with other resellers, learned a lot from them, and eventually launched an LLC, Just Four Kicks, in September 2021.

According to Kyle, starting the LLC was the key to scaling his sneaker business to new heights. He utilized all the knowledge he gained over the Covid shutdown, and everything fell into place. All his research and networking paid off as sales and his sense of accomplishment soared. As of now, Kyle sells the sneakers wholesale to over 80 stores in the US.

Kyle’s journey is proof that you can succeed at any age. It simply takes hard work, drive, and determination. He stands out for his ability to find common ground with all demographics and nimbly adapt to market changes. Despite making numerous mistakes, he never became discouraged and took challenges as motivation to work harder and learn from his mistakes.

Kyle was delighted when things started opening up from the pandemic toward the end of last year. With the resumption of significant sneaker events, it was Kyle’s excellent chance for him to meet bulk buyers and network with other sneaker resellers. It also prompted him to establish his second LLC, Bozo Chat, about three months ago. Bozo chat is a subscription-based platform where he mentors resellers wanting to expand their knowledge and scale their business to the next level. The business has done well, and Kyle garnered around 50 subscribers within the first month.

When asked about the secrets to business success, Kyle had this to say, “Skiing competitively for eight years has given me an edge in the business world. I have applied all the same principles to my business that I had learned as a competitive skier:  persistence, endurance, building relationships, and most importantly, how to overcome failure.”

Kyle’s most notable achievement is launching Bozo Chat, and he is excited to share knowledge with others via the Discord-based group. “At Bozo Chat, I provide users with tools, services, and guidance required to make profits selling sneakers. Changing your mindset is everything! Invest in yourself and take risks!” says Kyle.

As a young entrepreneur in the business world, Kyle shares that it has been challenging balancing his academics and business. And while it was a shock to receive an American Express bill, he resolved the situation by quickly increasing sales through aggressive pricing.

Kyle aspires to be a top-ranked sneaker supplier across the US soon. He also looks forward to getting a warehouse, buying a house, and becoming a multi-millionaire before he hits 25.

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