SMP expert Christopher Herrera reveals the secret to having over 4000 satisfied clients

Christopher Herrera

No matter when it happens, and for what reason, hair loss can deeply affect your self-confidence and self-esteem. While an effective new technique, scalp micropigmentation (or SMP), has emerged to combat hair loss, for something so new, you need experts. And who would have more expertise than Christopher Herrera, a barber with 19 years of experience?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical intervention to treat hair loss, whether it has been caused by alopecia, cancer, or hair thinning, where thousands of tiny pigments are applied to the scalp to mimic the appearance of real hair follicles. This hair treatment procedure happened to align with Christopher Herrera’s background as a barber and his calling to help other people look as well as feel better about themselves. Building on his knowledge and skill, Christopher Herrera launched Scalp Micropigmentation six years ago in Kensington, MD, and soon brought Don Whyte on board. Together, the two of them are among the few scalp micropigmentation artists on all of the East Coast.

The source of Christopher Herrera’s passion and dedication to his work is his personally going through hair loss himself. He knows what hair loss feels like. “I started losing hair when I turned 18, so I always had to wear hats. I tried all types of creams and dyes to cover the baldness,” says Christopher Herrera. Nothing worked for him. Then, he came across scalp micropigmentation.

As a licensed and established hair loss center, his service today already has over 4,000 satisfied clients. His service has even garnered five-star reviews on Google. The key, he says, is using good quality equipment for results that go beyond client expectations. Besides, the pigments they use are organic and vegan-friendly.

Christopher Herrera’s services last a long time and are both quick and easy on the pocket. Now members of the Microbeau Elite PRO Team, they are quickly gaining repute as the premier scalp micropigmentation artists and a class apart from the rest of the hair loss specialist field locally. Even when pitched against other world-class hair loss specialists, SMP has come up as a winner, adding international awards to its name.

“As hair treatment specialists, we are passionate about bringing people’s hair and self-confidence back,” says Christopher Herrera.

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