Have you ever been to the hospital for probably a check-up or to collect your card? And then, the doctor asks about the medical history of your family. As you tell him about it, you smile while doing so, and then before you know it, your doctor tells you that your genes affect every part of you, including your smile. The fact is, genes have a high impact on the way you walk, the way you act, and yes, even the way you smile. Just the way you look like your siblings and your parents, that’s how you could have inherited smiles from one of your ancestors. We know a lot of people with smiles they inherited straight from their grandparents. So don’t be surprised.

Let us list out some other factors that impact the way we smile, shall we?

Your smile has affected your facial appearance a lot. Everyone wants to have a healthy-looking, beautiful smile. If you don’t like your smile, you would not want to publicly show your smile, which could tamper with your level of self-esteem.

Luckily for you, many of these issues that stress your smile could be effectively and efficiently corrected using clear braces from ALIGNERCO.

List of things that affect your smile other than Genetics

Here’s a list of other things that affect your smile.

  1. Teeth stains

A common nuisance to the appearance of your smile is teeth stains. These stains could develop on your teeth, and whenever you try your best to keep your teeth healthy and try to get rid of the disease, these strains would not want to leave. These stains are gotten from colorful food molecules that would stick to your teeth for a long time. If you want to get rid of these tooth stains, you could order a package of clear braces from alignerco.com. It comes with free whitening kits. Before you know it, you’ll get back your beautiful white teeth all from the comfort of your home.

  1. Malocclusion

Your teeth could be aligned wrongly, and this could have a considerable impact on your oral health. This makes things a little bit harder for your biting to function correctly. Having crooked teeth also reduces the rate at which you would generally have beautiful teeth. With clear braces from ALIGNERCO, you get to correct these misalignments, and before you know it, in six months, you get to enjoy that beautiful smile.

  1. Cracks and Chips

If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, you would have a weaker tooth structurally, and they would not look so beautiful when you smile. If you have a tooth that’s sustainably damaged, you need to cap it using a dental crown for its integrity and strength to return.

When it comes to your smile not looking as beautiful as you desire, please don’t blame your parents, grandparents, and ancestors. There’s a way you could correct your teeth that your kids and grandkids would be glad you did. Let us list out some of these teeth straightening options.

List of Tooth Straightening Options

It is pretty easy these days to straighten your teeth and get yourself that perfect smile. Seriously, there are several ways this could become a reality. These options vary according to the amount of money you’ve got in your wallet. A lot of these options are pretty painful too. Let’s list them out so you can take a look.

  1. Bonding
  2. Ceramic Braces
  3. Traditional Braces
  4. Traditional clear aligners
  5. Clear Braces


  1. Clear Braces

Clear braces from ALIGNERCO make use of clear aligners. You could get these braces from their website for less than a thousand dollars. You don’t need to go to the dentist to make use of these clear braces. They are created, developed, and designed remotely, and you get to straighten your teeth at home wherever you like. It is easy. It is simple. You would love it.

  1. Traditional Clear Aligners

These are also quite popular for young adults that want to have beautiful smiles. They are not like braces. They are created using unique plastic materials which are organized to fit your teeth perfectly. They resemble clear retainers. Some people mistake them for clear retainers, but there’s a difference. ALIGNERCO also has traditional clear aligners, which would help you with the issues you face with your teeth. For less than $1,000, your teeth can look like that of Leonardo DiCaprio.

  1. Traditional Braces

These days, not many people make use of traditional braces because of the problems and issues that come with making use of them. Though they effectively straighten your teeth, they are challenging to clean, difficult to eat with, and quite challenging to live your everyday life. Plus, it would be best if you always visit your dentist, and braces are pretty expensive compared to clear aligners, you know.

  1. Ceramic Braces

These ceramic braces are just like traditional braces. The only difference between the two is that these are transparent in color, and there are colored tooth brackets used instead of metal ones. The wires used to make ceramic braces are available in off-white shades. But the problems of braces are still there. It is expensive, difficult to clean, hard to live with, and people know you’re wearing something to correct your teeth. Paying in between $4000 to $8000 is no joke.

  1. Bonding

This is a treatment option that is no so popular. It is on this list because it is pretty affordable. But it is costly. It makes use of resin materials, and you get your cavities filled. It changes your smile bit by bit. It is used to correct teeth that are not shaped correctly. The treatment takes an hour, and you need to visit your dentist once.

One of the best, most affordable, stress-free ways you could use to straighten your teeth and get out of that genetic funk is to make use of clear aligners brought to you by ALIGNERCO. Check out their website for your clear aligners today, and soon, you’ll have that smile you’ve always desired.

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