Smart FBA Quickly Becoming the Largest Amazon FBA Store Management Company

Amazon has seen some prevalent growth throughout the years. Many wondered how the recent pandemic would affect Amazon’s growth and the figures are staggering.

Amazon reported having around 89.9 billion in sales in Q2, 2020 vs 121.2 billion in Q2, 2022. Over 36.3% growth in less than two years. At the current rate, many believe Amazon will see its first year of over half a trillion in sales.

With all its growth, Amazon has attracted a lot of sellers to want to take advantage of all the traffic it has received.

Smart FBA, a leading Amazon FBA management company, has been at the forefront of this growth. With now well over 250 stores managed by the company, it’s no surprise that Smart FBA has gotten a ton of acknowledgement since the pandemic.

One of the main pillars of success that has helped grow Smart FBA to the global level it’s reached is the positive and negative ads displayed by Cohen Chorabik, CMO of Smart FBA.

Unlike many companies that solely speak about the positive about getting involved in Amazon as a seller, Cohen has educated members in understanding the risks involved in this business.

By disclosing the risks involved, it’s helped many store owners trust the model more; knowing it’s not a get rich quick model. This trust that has been instilled into customers has allowed many of them to grow their stores to sufficient levels by employing the correct amount of inventory budget necessary for keeping the store growth active.

Cohen states, “The biggest issue I have about this industry is people seem to think Amazon providers can magically make their sellers thousands of dollars each month from thin air. We are prudent with our clients’ understanding that this model only works well if they treat the store as a real business instead of a fictitious store. This isn’t necessarily each client’s fault since there’s a lot of providers out there promising the world without any downside risks involved. Ultimately, we do our best to make sure clients are aware that this is a real business, and anything can happen. We do our and control all the elements we can to give each store the highest rate of success that we can. From what we have gathered throughout the years, the clients that are the most consistent with their orders typically perform the best in the long run.”

Smart FBA aims at getting more warehouses in the future to expedite the fulfillment process for orders. As of now, Smart FBA’s warehouse is located near Portland, Oregon where close to twenty full time staff work. For more information about their Amazon FBA services, visit


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