These are unprecedented times and I know we’re all doing our best to manage as we navigate this current crisis. But let’s be honest, it’s not necessarily the restaurants and haircuts that we’re longing for—at the end of the day, it’s connection. Those precious moments with family and friends that we’ve been missing out on. 

While nothing can replace the warm embrace of a hug from grandma or a trip to the beach with the family, I’m here to tell you about a device that’s helping loved ones across the country stay connected with the touch of a button. 

It’s called Skylight, and thousands of people have turned to this innovative digital frame to instantly share cherished moments with the ones they hold dear—whether they’re living across the street or hundreds of miles away. You don’t have to be a tech wiz to use it, either. In fact, customers of all ages and tech skills find Skylight to be a simple, convenient way to stay in touch without any of the hassle. 

Imagine you just had a child and grandma is longing to see her new grandbaby. It might be hard, or even impossible, to be together to experience this life-changing time as a family—especially in these days. Skylight makes it possible to share those moments in real-time. Send grandma a frame, she plugs it in, and with a couple of easy steps, you’ll be able to send photos directly to her device. They appear instantly! Never again will grandma miss out on those memories, no matter how far away she lives. 

Countless testimonials speak to the value of Skylight, the sleek digital frame that’s become an integral part of numerous households. 

Take it from Kellianne, a recent satisfied customer. 

“This frame has been great for my grandmom and my in-laws who are not seeing us and the kids as often,” she said. “They love receiving the pictures and the kids love sending them! It is also nice to see when we visit. Easy set up. Highly recommend.”

Skylight’s interface is so simple. You can either email photos directly to the frame or upload photos using the Skylight mobile app. With its touchscreen display and minimalist software, the focus is on the memories shared. 

Trips to the Grand Canyon, beach days, a child’s first steps, a backyard picnic. Think of all the moments in our lives and all the photos that we take to remember them by. With Skylight, you don’t have to wait for the next family gathering to showcase them, and your loved ones can keep and cherish them forever. 

Once you send the photos to the frame, they will appear within seconds and begin to rotate through the gallery, giving those in your life an endless loop of treasured memories. And customers especially like that they can tap a little heart button on the frame to let the sender know that they love and appreciate it. They also like the customizable experience of Skylight such as being able to freeze the rotation to keep a particular image on the screen. 

“We bought this so we can send pictures to a 91-year-old. We wanted hassle-free, no-login, nothing that would prevent a non-tech person from enjoying it. It works perfectly,” another customer said in a review. “No hassle. Pictures just pop up.”

Listen… nothing about the last few months has been easy. We’ve been forced to fundamentally reconstruct everyday life so that we can make our way out of this predicament. Nothing has been easy, but for so many people, Skylight has made it easier. It fills the gaps in our daily experiences that we’ve lost with fun and meaningful photos on a frame that will quickly become an enjoyable staple of your home. It provides the thing we’ve been missing most: connection. 

Connection is an absolute necessity. It gives meaning to life and keeps us all together. And according to experts at Harvard, the opposite of connection—loneliness—can actually be bad for our physical and mental health. 

“The experience of being lonely appears to be bad for one’s health,” Dr. Nancy Donovan, a psychiatry professor at the university said. And troublingly, 17 percent of people over the age of 60 say they experience regular feelings of loneliness. This current crisis can’t be helping that, either. 

But with Skylight, you’ll never be alone. From the minute you wake up to the time you settle in for bed, the frame will fill your life with the faces and moments you’ve been missing. 

“Mom loves her Skylight Frame! She turns it on every day to see if we’ve sent her new pictures,” Julie said. “It is a great way for her to see what her kids and grandkids are doing when we don’t all live in the same city.”

The style of Skylight matches any household with a 10” frame bordered by white and black. Stand it up anywhere or mount it to your wall and display high-resolution images for everyone to see. 

And I can’t overstate the simplicity of set-up. Plug it in, connect to WiFi, complete a one-time sign-up and create a personalized email address that you can share with anyone you want. All they have to do at that point is email a photo to your address and, moments later, those images will appear on the frame. 

Tracee said she got her frame for Christmas and called it “the best gift I ever received.”

“I see a different picture every time I walk by it. I love it so much my daughter bought one for her husband for his first Father’s Day so she can send baby pictures to him at work,” she said. “Co-workers have even commented on how awesome it is! Now my daughter wants one too!”

Whether a holiday gift, birthday present, or just to treat yourself—Skylight makes the perfect home for all of you and your loved one’s special memories. 

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