The time has finally come! We can bust open our doors and take a giant leap back into society—back to going out on the town and seeing friends and family. However, the pandemic might have thrown a wrench in your skincare routine. If facing the public has you feeling less than confident, Skin by Sabrina can renew your tired skin and help you put your best face forward for your social debut.

The pandemic isolation took its toll in numerous ways, and now people are more than ready to get back out there and live again. And it’s safe to say that they want to look and feel their best when reuniting with friends and loved ones. Skin by Sabrina offers the ultimate blend in holistic skin treatments designed to release tension, pamper and nurture the whole body, bring tranquility, provide balance, and instill harmony. Oh, and let’s not forget, they make your skin look fantastic!

The self-proclaimed “Glow Master”, Sabrina Bradley, believes true beauty comes from within; however, feeling good about yourself on the inside requires pampering yourself a bit on the outside. Sabrina is an avid proponent of using quality products to protect and nurture the human body’s largest organ—the skin.

Bradley says her love for skincare products began as a teenager when she started incorporating unique techniques into her daily skincare program. She has taken this lifelong passion and turned it into a career where she strives to make people look and feel great.

For Bradley, developing a good skincare routine is a lifestyle. She is dedicated to helping people incorporate essential skincare habits into their lives with unique formulas of small-batch products. “Our ultimate goal,” says Bradley, “is educating our clients in the long-term care and management of their skin.​”

A self-taught chemist and formulator, Bradley’s skincare products are unique, one-of-a-kind, holistic treatments and services that beautify your skin. However, Bradley says that their benefits don’t stop there. Skin by Sabrina products and services also work to make you feel great on the inside by releasing stress and tension. Bradley says, “My mission is to improve the well-being of my clients. One face at a time!” And she’s doing just that.

Bradley says, “Our clientele is multi-ethnic with a wide variety of skin types and conditions, and we are always learning new techniques and researching new skincare concepts.” With over 21 years of experience as a licensed esthetician and skincare professional, Bradley is well-known for her professionalism and passion for her craft.

Based in L.A., Skin by Sabrina is the skincare home to various clientele, including some A-listers. With many celebrity estheticians to choose from in L.A., Bradley thinks she’s cornered the market in service. “At Skin by Sabrina, everyone is treated like a celebrity,” says Bradley.

Bradley’s approach to her craft is unique, combining ancient aesthetic techniques with science-based remedies for incredible results. Even in the bustling, chaotic L.A. environment, Bradley has found a way to harness tranquility and make your skin stop traffic gorgeous.

Her top-selling cream, named Traffic Stopper, is in high demand as people prepare to head out on the town after months of isolation. If putting your best face forward for a traffic-stopping re-entry into society is your goal, check out Traffic Stopper and other quality products at Skin by Sabrina.

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