Sizegenetics Review! Scam or Legit? Here’s My Results..

I’ve never been happy with the size of my penis so for the last 4 months, I’ve been using a penis enlargement device I bought here called Sizegenetics.

They say it’s the most powerful penis extender on the market and promise that it will increase the size of your penis or your money back.

But does it really work?

Or is it just another scam?

Carry on reading my review to find out!

What is the Sizegenetics?

Sizegenetics is an FDA-cleared penis extender device for men who want to straighten or increase the size of their penis.

This clinical study found that penis extender devices can increase your penis length by almost a third when used consistently for at least four months.

They say that Sizegenetics will give you:

  • A bigger penis.
  • Stronger, harder erections.
  • Better performance in the bedroom.
  • Correct curvature of their penis.
  • Boost your confidence.

Sizegenetics has been helping thousands of men increase their penis size over the past 19 years!

And has received numerous endorsements from top penis enlargement surgeons, including Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, and Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen.

If you’re curious to know how Sizegenetics works, let’s take a look at the science behind it.

How does the Sizegenetics work? The Science!

Sizegenetics uses Multi Directional Angling (MDA) technology to apply up to 2,800 grams of smooth tension to the penis.

When used consistently for 6-12 hours per day over 4-6 months, this tension produces permanent increases in the flaccid and erect length and straightness of the penis.

Made from medical-grade materials, the Sizegenetics device has a durable, lightweight design and can be worn discreetly under clothing for long periods without causing pain or discomfort.

It can be worn at any angle and its spring-loaded joints carry the European CE health stamp for peace of mind.

Unlike some other penis extenders on the market, Sizegenetics is backed by real scientific research.

This 2008 clinical study found that after six months of consistent use, a group of 15 men who used penile extenders daily experienced the following results:

  • An average gain of 2.3 cm (1 inch) in flaccid penis length
  • An average gain of 1.7 cm (0.67 inches) in stretched penis length

The study concluded that these gains were significant and that penis extenders are an effective non-surgical treatment option for those looking to elongate their penis.

Sizegenetic devices have been clinically tested and assessed under the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and have been awarded certification as type 1 medical devices.

It is recommended by thousands of doctors across the world to help patients increase their penis size without surgery.

Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, has extensively tested the Sizegenetics and his study, Non-Surgical Penile Elongation, proves that the device can produce significant length increases when used on a consistent basis.

And the Sizegenetics is the only traction device recommended by Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen M.D. as it is made from medical-grade components and has the proven ability to extend the penis and reduce curvatures.

That’s all well and good, but what are real users saying about it?

Sizegenetics Reviews

Well, it turns out that customers seem to like it too.

Pete added 1 inch to the length of his penis in just one month and plans to continue using it to enhance his gains.

Jon has added over two inches to his penis after four months of regular use. He now has stronger, harder erections and his love life has never been better.

Jim has used Sizegenetics to achieve harder, stronger erections and more intense orgasms!

You can read more impressive Sizegenetics reviews on the official website here.

Having read so many great things about Sizegenetics, I decided to order one and try it for myself.

My Sizegenetics Results

To review Sizegenetics, I decided to order the Sizegenetics Value edition.

Before testing the device, I made sure to watch the DVD to completely familiarize myself with how it worked and how to get the most out of it.

Then I wore it for 4 months before writing this review and here’s what happened:

  • The first couple of times using the Sizegenetics device were awkward, and it took me a few tries to figure out how to put it on, but I soon figured it out.
  • The DVD recommended wearing Sizegenetics for 6-12 hours per day for 4-6 months to achieve optimal growth. As I didn’t feel like wearing it to the office every day, I decided to use it for 3 hours every morning before leaving home and then another 3-4 hours in the evening until I went to bed. This schedule was easy to stick with and didn’t affect my daily life.
  • It definitely took time to see results and I almost gave up during the first couple of weeks as I wasn’t seeing results. But I stuck with it and gradually started to see an improvement.
  • After two months of use, I’d added half an inch to my penis and after four months I’d gained 1.1 inches!

Overall, Sizegenetics isn’t a quick-fix solution, but it does work, and I am amazed at my results.

I was very skeptical, but now I wish I had bought one of these years ago.

Since gaining over an inch, I’ve noticed that my erections are rock solid, and my confidence is way up.

I’ve seen a big boost to my sex drive too. I think that because my penis is bigger and I’m feeling more confident, it’s made me a lot hornier.

The confidence boost has helped me attract more women too and I’ve been having the best sex of my life and no complaints from the ladies!

I’d recommend buying one but remember, you have to use it consistently and don’t give up if you don’t see results right away.

Don’t forget that Sizegenetics comes with a double your money back guarantee!

They are so confident that their product works that if after using it for 4 months your penis isn’t bigger, they will give you double your money back.

Click here to visit the official website and see what the Sizegenetics can do for you!

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