Have you been feeling a little “off” or “imbalanced” or “anxious” during this crisis?

If so, we feel you, and totally understand what you’re going through.

In a time of global uncertainty, economic turmoil, and empty grocery store shelves with little food and… well… toilet paper, it can be challenging to stay sane and feel in control.

Especially when it seems like so much is out of our control.

Now there is good news in all of this. Yes, you heard it…Good news! Something we get little of these days.

Feeling excited yet?

You should because below are 6 tips on how you can stay sane, feel healthy and take back control of your life under stay-at-home orders.

Here we go…

Good Sanitary Practices Are Key  

This might be obvious but we know that life as usual has changed with the craziness, and it’s impacting us all. Which means adopting smart, sanitary self-care habits is important for our own well-being and that of the people around us.

And the good news? There are plenty of ways to do that.

Cleanliness and sanitation is key to massively diminishing the widespread nature of the virus.

When doing this, not only will you help to “flatten the curve” as they say, you will also feel a sense of contribution and control.

Now here’s the thing…

When you’re home, all you need is some basic soap to wash your hands. However, if you’re out in the world for exercise or a grocery store run, hand soap may not be as easily accessible or practical.

So how do you keep your hands clean out there?

Simple. Having good hand sanitizer will do the trick. That way you can protect your health while doing your grocery run or fitness routine. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) agrees with this.

So we must salute Medterra for their commitment and contribution to support this need by including free hand sanitizer with every CBD tincture product purchase until the end of April.

Taking control of your well-being in this way not only gives you confidence, it contributes to and the health of your community – it’s a win-win. 

Great! But, you might notice your hands are getting beaten down and irritated from constant washing and sanitizing. 

Fret not, Medterra’s Manuka + CBD has a healing blend of 20 botanicals and the legendary New Zealand Manuka honey to keep your hands healthy and resilient, and not to mention, silky smooth.

Support A Dynamic Body

When you’re on a lockdown it can be difficult to get your body moving. This unfortunately can lead to you being as stiff as a board. And frankly, this reality is 100x more true if you or a family member of yours is older in age.

Your body can feel like it’s constantly locking up with uncomfortable levels tightness leaving you frustrated and feeling out of control over your own health and well-being.

Who wants that? No one.

So, how do you function as a human being if you’re constantly feeling like your body will hardly budge or bend without the oh-so familiar “ouch! This sucks!” feeling that shoots through it.

Get moving! Walk around the house, your block, and spend a few minutes every couple hours stretching. Make it a game – try your step count on a fitness tracker. It may sound boring at first, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much ground you can cover, even in a confined space, and you can’t beat the positive feeling of meeting your daily goals. 

After you get that body moving (or if you’re just feeling like a lazy bum), treat your tender muscles to a relaxing and soothing combination of menthol and arnica, a secret combo that world class athletes have been using for ages.

There’s a reason why professional olympians, golfers, surfers, and cyclists rely on this topical cream combo – they know that eliminating discomfort is the key to feeling good and performing like a champ. The same rule applies to you. So grab some of Medterra’s brand new, specifically formulated Pain Cream + CBD now while it’s on sale. 

The sense of control you’ll regain over yourself will be so calming, you’ll wonder if a miracle just took place.

But it wasn’t a miracle, it was you treating yourself to the relief you deserve.

Show Some Love To Your Pet

Does your pet have a little “extra crazy” for some reason while you’re cooped up in the house? We love our four-legged companions – especially in times like these – but they feel and respond to stress just like their humans do. Whether they’re moving as fast a hummingbird, or destroying your favorite house plant, you know when your furry family members are stressed out.

Let’s get real, while we love our little animal friends, this can be very frustrating and build up tons of stress in your mind and body.

And honestly, you don’t need that during times that are crazy as these. 

Prioritizing self-care is crucial for your own sense of sanity and mental health. That’s why grabbing some CBD for pets from Medterra is an absolute must.

Organic. Healthy. No THC. No pesticides. No GMOs. Sourced right here in the good ol’ US of A. 

For you animal lovers, these are totally healthy and pet friendly products that’ll put “the chill” back into your animal friends.

Or at the very least, you may experience fewer unhappy “woofs” or “meows” going on throughout the day.

The only complaint you’ll have is not getting your hands on one of these sooner.

Your pet will thank you for this.

Master Your Stress Levels

Stress management is key to feeling a sense of sanity and control during seemingly uncontrollable times and circumstances all around us.

If we don’t know how to regulate our stress, we can pretty much expect everything to go downhill.

And if you’re reading this, chances are you aren’t all that interested in being a “more stressed out person.” You’re here because you want to regulate stress, not increase it.

Stress regulation can be the difference between living in emotional well-being or experiencing an emotional meltdown.

Your ability to regulate impacts everything. Your hormones. Your energy levels. Your creativity. That’s just to name a few.

Now here’s the thing – there’s a problem you face if you’re a busy, yoga-loving mama of multiple kiddos who runs your own company (or is a leader in someone else’s).

Your energy-demanding lifestyle can put you in a position where you feel constantly stressed, leaving you zapped and completely drained at the end of the day.

Now, how do you stay calm when stressful emotions take over?

Sure you can meditate for long hours or do breathwork – and we recommend those practices wholeheartedly – but some people don’t have the time or patience to dedicate to becoming a zen master. 

That’s why having one of Medterra’s new broad spectrum CBD tinctures on hand will allow you to tap into those “cool, calm and collected” vibes almost immediately and on demand. 

These broad spectrum tinctures are everything.

It’s time to take back control and thrive. You deserve it.

Sleep Like A Baby

When it comes to keeping your own sense of sanity, mental health and well-being, you can’t afford to miss this. 

Sleep is King.

The quality of your sleep is the ruler of everything else in your life. Remember the topic of “stress regulation” we just covered?

Well you can almost completely rule out every chance of you developing any form of regulation without getting quality sleep.

Mind you, the word “quality” is key here.

That means no endless social media scrolling, no eating 60 minutes before bed (unless you’d like to feel your digestive system processing the food you just ate throughout night) and having a calm mind once your head hits that pillow.

We promise you won’t miss going to sleep with world-ending news on your mind. Oh, and please don’t grab your phone first thing in the morning either.

If, after all of that, you still find yourself struggling to tap into those “sleepy feels,” then you definitely want to get your hands on Medterra’s CBD + melatonin tablets.

Like a baby floating in clouds, drifting off to solid slumber gives your mind the restorative alone time you deserve after being cooped up all day. Sometimes you need a little help from your friends…

Not to mention, quality sleep is absolutely essential to being able to fight off bad pathogens that come your way.

Fortify Your Immune System 

Developing a bio-resilience is pivotal during times like these… Especially when panic, worry and uncertainty fill our media channels.

If not, then all the stress that we experience begins to compound, break down and attack an aspect of our physiology, that if compromised, can change our lives and make us vulnerable.

What aspect of our lives is this referring to? Our immune system.

Think of your immune system as the warriors of a kingdom. Whenever the king needs to fend off enemies, the king will call forth the warriors.

Here’s the problem…

What happens to a kingdom if the warriors are fragile, non-resilient and untrained?

Simple. That kingdom will be completely overturned and overthrown by its enemies.

Think of your body as the kingdom. Your immune system? Your body’s warriors. Your enemies? Stress. Fatigue. Viruses. Pathogens. 

You get the point.

See, the more you have weak “warriors,” the more vulnerable you become. Yet the more trained, skilled and healthy your warriors are, the better your chances are at overcoming any obstacle and defeating any enemy.

You are the king of your kingdom, so take control! That means creating a fortified immune system that is trained, conditioned, and equipped with all of the weapons it needs to fight any foe.

Some amazing ingredients to strengthen your immunity are vitamin C, elderberry, ginger, and echinacea. These all help your “warriors” be ready in the fight against harmful invaders. 

Make it a point to add these healthy ingredients along with a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables to ensure you’re making the best dietary choices when it matters. 

A healthy and relaxed sense of calm always helps your body react to harmful viruses more efficiently than if you’re stressed constantly – that’s why it’s so important to look after your well-being during these times. 

Spoiler alert – Medterra’s upcoming immunity tincture (fast-tracked to come out at the end of April) contains those very same ingredients and can be a great support for your body’s overall health, plus the added benefits of CBD. We – and lots of other folks – can’t wait for that one!

It’s time to kick butt and have a strong body today!

What to do now?

If you’re someone who’s ready to feel a sense of sanity again, take back control over your own life, and achieve lasting well-being, then we’ve just given you a few tactics to add to your daily regime that you can start doing today.

In fact, you’ll do better than “just fine.”

While most simply seek to survive, you’ll thrive and discover new ways to live better than ever before. You can take charge of your self-care today and calmly take on these stressful times, while establishing a foundation of healthy living habits for when things return to normal.

Make sure you grab some of Medterra’s CBD products to help you keep your mind calm and your body healthy today–you’ll thank us later!


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