As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shake the world to its core, people try to cope by turning to experts, thought leaders, and established authorities across several industries for guidance. Some look up to motivational figures in order to keep them going and thriving, while others seek professional advice from those who have learned the ropes and made a mark in their respective fields. Although the global health crisis has limited people from moving freely and interacting with each other, the advent of technological advancements has made everything possible, prompting people to draw inspiration or seek advice with just one click.

With the increase in the demand for digital sources of information during this global health crisis, a surge in the number of audiobooks, podcasts, articles, and other materials has broken out, prompting many platforms to create thought-provoking and highly edifying content. TED Talks is one such platform that has stepped up to inspire people with bite-sized chunks of insights told in a highly digestible manner. For this reason, TED shares a few of its talks with the world, offering forward-thinking ideas and profound perspectives that genuinely help people navigate through the noise and strive for success during these challenging times.

1. “The difference between winning and succeeding” – John Wooden

Widely known for his striking yet straightforward words of wisdom, John Wooden is an infamous UCLA basketball coach who redefines success by acknowledging efforts. He believes that success is already attained when one knows that they have attempted to achieve it, no matter how difficult the path may be.

One can easily be overwhelmed by the countless negativities that surround people nowadays. Wooden reminds them to take a step back and acknowledge the efforts made in thriving during these challenging times.

2. “Success, failure, and the drive to keep creating” -Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert emphasizes the significance of fighting for one’s passion amid constantly facing failures. This message hits close to home as numerous people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. She reminds people that the obstacles being faced by people do not define their future for as long as they continue to fight for their passion.

3. “Shift the script—Why your ‘supposed to’ no longer works” – Blake Mallen

The billion-dollar brand builder and Alive by Design podcast host Blake Mallen emphasizes staying true to oneself as a stepping stone toward success. Countless times people have been told that being successful is how society defines them. Mallen’s inspirational statement rings true today as people are forced to shift their interests toward other fields, dissuading them from pursuing a path that is genuinely their own.

4. “How to stop screwing yourself over” – Mel Robbins

Known for helping people transform goals into reality, relationship expert, author, radio host, and life coach Mel Robbins sheds light on achieving happiness by achieving small and everyday wins. As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted people’s daily routines, Mel’s striking message reminds people of the opportunity of proactively developing more healthier habits that lead to a happy and more fulfilled life.

5. “Entrepreneur against the world” – Gerard Adams

Widely recognized as the “Millennial Mentor,” Gerard Adams is a serial entrepreneur, thought leader, investor, and philanthropist who vehemently emphasizes the value of passion and resilience in one’s quest for success. Although the pandemic has caused an economic downturn, Gerard reminds us victories are attainable when one invests their heart into the craft.

6. “What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness” – Robert Waldinger

Having spent 75 years studying the meaning of true happiness and contentment, psychiatrist Robert Waldinger shares three key lessons in attaining a good life, highlighting the role of maintaining good relationships. While the pandemic has limited much of our social interactions, Waldinger encourages people to build positive connections in order to thrive together during these trying times.

Although these chunks of knowledge have been published months or years before the pandemic, the messages that these brilliant figures shared hold true to the world’s current situation. Through these, TED Talks hopes to enlighten others while inspiring a spirit that is determined to thrive and succeed amid a global health crisis.

LA Weekly