Six-Figure Side Hustle for Educators: Stephanie Tran’s Lifeline, Tutor Route

We often regard teachers as noble shepherds of our society’s future. The minds of future generations are under their care. Unfortunately, teachers are also known for being underpaid and overworked.

Stephanie Tran seeks to remedy the latter fact single-handedly. The Founder, CEO, and self-titled ‘Edupreneur’ (a play on education and entrepreneur) developed Tutor Route’s 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass, a 30-day program designed to slingshot educational professionals from low-wage workers to ‘Tutorpreneurs.’

The best part? In six months, part-time, Tran went from six dollars to six figures — and so can you!

Figure Skater to Six-Figure Success

Tran is a family-oriented, goal-getter, Asian-American woman who walked the line between what her immigrant parents imagined for her and what she wanted in order to become who she is today. Here is a woman who is self-made, inspiring others who struggle with their imposter syndrome and cultural identity.

“We’re adamant about respecting elders in our culture. While I do appreciate my parents’ wisdom, we debated over priorities because we grew up in different worlds. I value my dream; they value security,” said Tran. “My parents fled the Viet Nam War and sacrificed their passions for stable jobs so that I could even have the luxury of chasing my dream. I feel like I owe it to my parents to take the opportunity and give the American Dream my best shot.”

While Tran started her business by providing disadvantaged communities with exceptional tutoring at affordable rates, Tutor Route allowed her to gain financial freedom by funding her master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and spending summers traveling abroad. She even supported hungry, resourceless, and sometimes homeless students in her classroom. Once Tran created success for herself and scored school districts as her clients, she knew she could share her proven blueprint and show her fellow educators how to give themselves a raise.

“You can make a difference in the world, do what you love, and still make money,” Tran said.

But before she became a teacher, this successful woman was a figure skater with altogether different dreams. An international competitor for the United States Figure Skating Association and Skate Canada, Tran suffered career-ending injuries at the young age of 16. This catastrophe caused an identity crisis as she struggled to find her new path in life.

At The University of Texas (UT), the soon-to-be entrepreneur worked as a transcriber, won a public speaking contest, and published an academic journal article. The piece — which covers how entrepreneurs convince foreign markets to say yes to a product and overcome barriers such as understanding language and cultures, crafting tailored pitches, and handling objections — is still referenced in upper-level classes.

Tran is clever, funny, savvy, and knows how to work hard for what she has. In short, Tran’s diverse experiences accumulated into what she is today.

“Teachers are entrepreneurs at heart and run classrooms like they mean business. While teachers are suppliers of knowledge, their salaries typically neither meet the demands of their lifestyles, nor their level of effort and impact on society,” Tran said. “I understand my students because I’ve been in their shoes. I’ve paid my dues by investing in my learning, mastering my craft, researching my market, and building my success. Now, I want to teach underpaid and underappreciated teachers to create that success for themselves.”

Tutor Route: The Side Hustle for Educators

Through Tutor Route, Tran helped 25 tutors earn hourly rates between $25 an hour to $180 an hour. She teaches business know-how to intellectuals who are masters in their educational fields.

“What you learn as a teacher is all you need to start,” Tran explained. “Teachers seeking my masterclass are usually missing the necessary business fundamentals to make their tutoring business profitable. My students learn how to package and tailor their business to their clients’ needs through branding, financing, consulting, and marketing.”

“This is a rewarding side hustle,” Tran said, “It is totally achievable to make six figures while working as a teacher. Tutor Route will show you how to cash in on changing the world.”

About Stephanie Tran

Stephanie Tran, Edupreneur, Founder, and CEO, mentors educators to become successful Tutorpreneurs with her masterclass by creating, launching, and growing their tutoring businesses.

Tutor Route is a team of certified teachers, counselors, consultants, and masterclass instructors serving students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Tutor Route’s goal is to support lifelong learners throughout every step of their journey. For more information about Tran’s 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass, please visit or download the Tutor Route App on Appleor Android to purchase the course.

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