Siren Agency, Influencer’s New Best Friend

Technology continues to advance quicker than regulations can keep up with, marketing continues to progress faster than regulations can keep up with, which becomes a significant issue for influencers looking for protection. As a social media influencer, you are your brand and your business, so it feels and is personal when you aren’t protected.

As more companies spend their advertising budget in the social media space, it is becoming pivotal for influencers to be represented by a team with their best interest at heart. Siren Agency is a talent-oriented, non-exclusive agency making waves in social media marketing. The agency is staffed with a team of professionals who live and breathe social media as publicists, marketing specialists, and even influencers themselves.

At Siren Agency, the goal is to empower clients to continue growing their brand and treating it as the business it deserves to be. Owner and CEO Chase McAnear, knows firsthand what it takes to start a flourishing business. He wants to see the same success for all of the talent on his roster. The mission of Chase and co-founder Russell Hartley is for the agency to empower the women on their client list to get paid what they deserve for the content that they put hours of work to produce for their followers and act as the bridge between talent and brands—allowing their talent to focus on what is most important, engaging with their following through quality content.

Siren Agency’s clients include a multitude of talent from all facets of the social media space. YouTubers like Kendra Rowe (@kendraarowe) and Victoria Red (@viptoriaaaa), models like Eden Estrada (@edenthedoll), Taylor Wilson (@taylorwiilson), Alexis Elliot (@alexisxelliott), and Alessandra Paolinetti (@alipaolinetti), and singer/songwriters like Willow Raye (@willowraye). Women who have seen great success on their own are now moving up to the next level with the team’s help at Siren. The talent at Siren has over five hundred million followers in total. As the Siren team grows, so do the opportunities for talent.

Siren’s goal is to continue to create a space for content creators to flourish, all while being represented by a team that will fight for them, negotiate deals, protect their value, and be sure that they are getting what they deserve.

From a brand perspective, working with Siren is a no-brainer. Siren goes beyond basic analytics to measure engagement and gives unique and specific metrics for both brands and talent to see what content people are clicking through to most often, and can even calculate percentages of how many of those individuals make purchases or click within that link. It is unlike what most agencies or influencers are doing, and it sets Siren apart from the rest.

If you are an influencer who is just entering the content creator space or an influencer who has been involved in the space for years, Siren Agency can help take your social media presence to the next level and will work for you. The agency is currently accepting submissions through its website. Let Siren change the game for you!

LA Weekly